Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anthropologie Pairs Nicely With Isaac

July 10, 2013

My hairdresser is on maternity leave but I braved a picture anyway and decided to go for the full affect with little makeup.  I like to focus more on fashion anyway so I will give myself a pass for tonight.  I wanted to showcase the full affect of this cardigan which I'm wearing in a size XXS.  I think the Anthropologie Ampay necklace from Spring 2012 matches well with the vibrant colors on this sweater.  One of Isaac Mizrahi's specialties are his printed cardigans, which primarily come in floral prints.  These 50's style cardigans have a fan following with many collectors, including myself.
This Ralph Lauren jean skirt came from Goodwill a few months back.  I love straight denim skirts because they are casual yet at the same time you can dress them up for a polished preppy look.
These leather espadrilles from Talbots were on an amazing sale about four years ago, so I snapped up extra pairs of the pink.                 

Isaac Mizrahi Brushstroke Floral Printed Cardigan.  QVC Isaac Mizrahi Cardigan

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