Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coffee with Enid

As I have said before, I love different coffee houses and Peet's Coffee and Tea is one of my favorites.
The current summer flavor of their Freddo is a mint and coconut blend which is quite tasty.  At Peet's I never have to pull my version of a Clara Peller and question, "Where's the Coffee?" 
My love of vintage handbags includes Enid Collins who was known for charming themes and prints on 60's handbags.  Years ago I purchased an Enid Collins handbag with an Owl on it from an Ebay dealer and she also sent me this coffee themed version to get rid of it.  She thought it was not in the best of condition and just sent me this one as a freebie along with the Owl.  I really love it and didn't think it was in that bad of condition so it was a great bonus. 

Where's the Beef

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