Thursday, July 18, 2013

Plum Season

Since we are at the end of plum season I wanted to have a fun send off.  I remembered that I have a skirt buried in my closet with plums on it but upon pulling the skirt out I realized it is a little off.  There is not one plum but merely plum colored pears and lemons.  Oh well, it's still cute.  I want to say that this came from Chadwicks of Boston years ago and the brand is Chelsea Studio.         

We decided to can some of our plums this year so my daughter and I decided to stage the jars for this blog.  My new Cost Plus tablecloth that was on sale for about $24 makes a nice backdrop. 

I could not do a topic on plums without referencing this charming movie.  Goldie Hawn was too cute as the dance hall girl who sings a song, "Please don't Touch Me Plums."   I was probably nine or ten when it came on HBO in the 70's and like most kids, watched certain movies over and over.  This was one I was obsessed with.  

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