Friday, July 12, 2013

Will the Real Size Please Stand Up

I feel like channeling my inner Muffy Tepperman and telling Anthropologie to, "Keep it consistent people!"
Oh damn, I have only been blogging for a week and I have already yelled at one of my favorite stores.  But why does the red Deletta Wynwood top fit larger than the other colors.  I tried the red, which is really a deep orange persimmon color, in the small last weekend and felt that I needed an xs.  So I ordered the orange, I mean the red, well, what they say is red, in the xs along with the blue and brown.  For the price of about $23, thanks to last weeks additional 20% sale, I felt like I was getting Anthropologie shirts at a Marshalls price.  So when they came pouring in this week from all over the U.S. I was disappointed to find that the brown and blue fit a little tight but the orange/red fit fine.  These are cute though, so since they are going, going and almost gone, keep checking everyday for pop backs.  I even spotted green the other day but it was not in my size.  I will be keeping an eye out for the smalls from now on.  One of the reviewers said they stretched, so I could wash them and give them a chance.      
By the way, I have always had such a girl crush on Jami Gertz so I am happy to reference her for a fun Friday.  Happy Friday people!  

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