Friday, August 30, 2013

Anthropologie Blossoms Paired with a Septic Tank

The look on my face says it all.  I have no toilet and I have to get the hell out of here.  Originally my plan was to have the dichotomy of a pretty Anthropologie dress paired with a septic tank.  I'll bet that has never been done before!  How creative!  But reality over shadowed art and I ended up rushing to find a piece of Anthro for a quick picture.   

Top: Anthropologie Vanessa Virginia Lux Blossom Tee
Jeans:  Nordstrom Wit and Wisdom Colored Denim Skinny Jeans in Pistachio

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In Love with Wit and Wisdom

It's very humbling when you almost get in an accident and then wonder what in the hell that person was thinking, only to realize later after replaying it over in your head that you were the one at fault.  Oops!
Insert bad joke: So it is appropriate that I am wearing my Wit and Wisdom jeans.  I like to learn from my mistakes and it's sometimes better to laugh than stress too much.  Now if only I could feel less stress most days.        

I have recently discovered Wit and Wisdom jeans and I am hooked.  The price was so good that I went back for more colors and I have even had better luck calling Nordstrom with regards to finding more colors that are not shown online.  I have to give credit to this Forever 21 top that I bought over the weekend.  It's very comfortable and looks like it cost more than the $14.80 price tag.  I only wish that  it came in more colors than just navy and white.     

Shirt: Forever 21 Essential Crochet Lace Top
Jeans: Nordstrom Wit and Wisdom Colored Denim Skinny Jeans (Nordstrom Exclusive) in Pistachio.  These are marked down 60% from $64 to $25.60 and are going fast.   
Shoes:  Payless American Eagle Avery in navy

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun J.Crew Prints

For years J.Crew and Lands End have been my go to shops for preppy staples.  One of the things that I appreciate J.Crew for, which Lands End has always been shy about, is a touch of quirk.  Sometimes you may find the one token cute item like the sailboat skirt I bought a couple of years ago, but for the most part they barely dip a tow into the whimsy pond.  I understand that they are there to supply the basics and I do appreciate the fact that they offer a variety of colors, including pink. 
With that said I hope that J.Crew continues bringing the fun prints.  I'm disappointed that I missed out on the 50's style apple skirt they did last year.  I waited too long for a better sale and by then, it was sold out.  They once had a library skirt which had pictures of books that I again wish I had bought. 
I have found that consignment shops are the best place to find the treasures of stores past.  Last year I was fortunate to find this cute J.Crew skirt for under $20. 

Tee shirt:  Isaac Mizrahi Essentials Crew Neck Tee in Coral Rouge at QVC.  I prefer XS instead of XXS.
Necklace: Old Isaac Mizrahi candy style
Skirt: Old J.Crew
Shoes: Old Talbots leather Espadrilles.  This years Talbots Espadrille is the Palma Cotton Canvas Flat.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Logo Tees

Ever since I was a little kid I have been attracted by logo tee shirts.  Now that I'm well into my forties I wonder how long I can pull these off.  My thought is as long as I keep it casual, it's OK.  The other style that works is, say for example you are going to a concert, you have the casual concert tee and everything else is more conservative.  The logo tee with nice jeans, black blazer and ballerina flats or boots.   
Here I am all Targeted out for running errands on Saturday.

Logo tee: Old Target
Denim skirt: Old Xhilaration Target
J.Crew Jackie copycat cardigan: Merona  Target
Shoes:  Lands End Gatas Canvas slip-on shoes
Bags under eyes:  Sleep deprivation

Same outfit without the preppy cardigan, sweeping up after getting a new septic tank put in last week.  I'm enjoying doing the asymmetrical look with long tees lately.  It just adds a little zing.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Evil Shoes in a Cute Little Package

I am now suffering from FOS or  Fear of Shoes.  As if I needed another thing to fear, now I am frightened by my dressier shoes!  Dinner at one of our favorite restaurants could have ended in a slippery spill but luckily my equilibrium was spot on this particular night.  In no way am I blaming Banana Republic, but these tricky little shoes in question are a pair of old Banana Republic shoes.  I would say most of my cutesy shoes have the smooth bottoms that made shoes plus hardwood floors equal black ice and I now am interested in finding some rubber do hickeys to stick on the bottoms of all shoes in question. On a lighter note, I know of one gentleman who said I showed a lot of athleticism after witnessing my slip, sliding, sliding some more until finally coming to a complete stop, perfectly upright.  I wanted to come out with some funny response about me not really being much of an athlete but after that, there were just no words. 

My outfit is older with the blue Isaac Mizrahi handbag being a score from Marshalls last winter, complete with dust bag.
The skirt is Elevenses from Anthropologie, tee shirt is Moda from Victoria's Secret and the necklace is Anthropologie. 
This ring is now on clearance in size 5.   Rachel Zoe "As Is" Flower Ring

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kenneth Jay Lane Saved my Anthro Blouse

We have all heard of Quality Control or Quality Assurance but I now propose a new one for clothing called Print Control.  It can be disheartening to receive an item with a bad print layout whenever I order online.  If I am fortunate to be in the actual store, I will always dig through the racks to find the desired item in the best shape.  Yes, I am picky but sometimes I look at a layout with such a poor design and think, come on!
Even my seven-year-old spotted the one lack of print on my Anthropologie Provencal blouse by Maple.  I asked her what was wrong with the blouse in question.  Mommy brag alert...She is an artist with a good eye.  Anyway, she pointed out that there were no flowers on the top part.
Luckily I wanted the next size up which gave me another chance at good print placement.  The next one I received was better, but it sure does not look like the one pictured on the website.
My thought was maybe it could be saved with a floral necklace which brought to mind my old Kenneth Jay Lane flower necklace from QVC.  I am a super fan of Kenneth Jay Lane and I love to get use out of my costume jewelry.  A necklace with lavenders and pinks would be even better but I think this worked.

Blouse:  Anthropologie Provencal by Maple
Jeans:    Gap Always Skinny in lilac.  Purchased in February 2013
Flats:     Target Mossimo Ona in Midnight. Purchased in Fall 2012
Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane.  No longer available from QVC.  I think they call it the Gardenia Necklace.
Ring:      Kenneth Jay Lane Simulated Pearl Flower Ring in Mauve from QVC. Now on clearance.  Also in              Purple and White.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Isaac Mizrahi, Joan Rivers and the Anthropologie Vine Skirt

Enough with the Odille Vine skirt already!  I have to say I have been having fun with this skirt which is amazing considering it was an impulse buy.  I really wanted to post the pictures of the cute tag that came with this skirt.  I wonder if anyone else tried to gently open that tiny box out of curiosity, just on the off chance  we got a little goody for being fantastic customers.  It's too cute to throw away so I set it in my curio cabinet with my Silkstone Barbies.
I prefer this skirt with a green top, however I gave this Isaac Mizrahi essentials crewneck tee in coral rouge a whirl to bring out the orange flowers.  In this picture I have on the Anthropologie Ampay necklace but I did wear the Joan Rivers Garden Party necklace with the skirt and they compliment each other beautifully.  Both Isaac Mizrahi and Joan Rivers products can be found on QVC.  Create a wish list on QVC and keep an eye out for easy pay.  Occasionally they break up the price into monthly payments which makes pricier items more palatable.  I waited for the Rivers necklace to go on easy pay before I made the plunge. 
Isaac's tees are so comfortable and a nice fit.  I am 5 foot 4, and about a 34 1/2 bust and I prefer the XS.  I have a few long sleeved versions in the XXS and I find that it feels a little tight in the armpit area.  I tend to go for the smallest size in QVC clothing which sometimes seems funny since I do not think of myself as an XXS or a 2.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taking the Vine Skirt Out for a Spin

After taking my Archival Collection Odille Vine skirt out and about I have to say I am in love!  This is the best impulse buy I have ever made and I paid full price which is rare for me.  Because I am an Anthropologie fan and this was an archival piece I splurged.  I am at the Grove in Los Angeles and I felt like I had entered  the mother ship.  This place is amazing.  I half expected Fred Astaire to come dancing down the street singing, "Cheek to Cheek."

This skirt worked great with my old Deletta tee and Isaac Mizrahi green handbag.  The frog ring that I was wearing is from Kenneth Jay Lane from QVC.     Frog ring


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