Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In Love with Wit and Wisdom

It's very humbling when you almost get in an accident and then wonder what in the hell that person was thinking, only to realize later after replaying it over in your head that you were the one at fault.  Oops!
Insert bad joke: So it is appropriate that I am wearing my Wit and Wisdom jeans.  I like to learn from my mistakes and it's sometimes better to laugh than stress too much.  Now if only I could feel less stress most days.        

I have recently discovered Wit and Wisdom jeans and I am hooked.  The price was so good that I went back for more colors and I have even had better luck calling Nordstrom with regards to finding more colors that are not shown online.  I have to give credit to this Forever 21 top that I bought over the weekend.  It's very comfortable and looks like it cost more than the $14.80 price tag.  I only wish that  it came in more colors than just navy and white.     

Shirt: Forever 21 Essential Crochet Lace Top
Jeans: Nordstrom Wit and Wisdom Colored Denim Skinny Jeans (Nordstrom Exclusive) in Pistachio.  These are marked down 60% from $64 to $25.60 and are going fast.   
Shoes:  Payless American Eagle Avery in navy

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