Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kenneth Jay Lane Saved my Anthro Blouse

We have all heard of Quality Control or Quality Assurance but I now propose a new one for clothing called Print Control.  It can be disheartening to receive an item with a bad print layout whenever I order online.  If I am fortunate to be in the actual store, I will always dig through the racks to find the desired item in the best shape.  Yes, I am picky but sometimes I look at a layout with such a poor design and think, come on!
Even my seven-year-old spotted the one lack of print on my Anthropologie Provencal blouse by Maple.  I asked her what was wrong with the blouse in question.  Mommy brag alert...She is an artist with a good eye.  Anyway, she pointed out that there were no flowers on the top part.
Luckily I wanted the next size up which gave me another chance at good print placement.  The next one I received was better, but it sure does not look like the one pictured on the website.
My thought was maybe it could be saved with a floral necklace which brought to mind my old Kenneth Jay Lane flower necklace from QVC.  I am a super fan of Kenneth Jay Lane and I love to get use out of my costume jewelry.  A necklace with lavenders and pinks would be even better but I think this worked.

Blouse:  Anthropologie Provencal by Maple
Jeans:    Gap Always Skinny in lilac.  Purchased in February 2013
Flats:     Target Mossimo Ona in Midnight. Purchased in Fall 2012
Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane.  No longer available from QVC.  I think they call it the Gardenia Necklace.
Ring:      Kenneth Jay Lane Simulated Pearl Flower Ring in Mauve from QVC. Now on clearance.  Also in              Purple and White.


  1. Your necklace is gorgeous. It is blingy but not over-done. I think white from the necklace definitely helps to bring some floral to the neckline.

  2. Thank you Lisa! I have a lot of fun pairing costume jewelry with clothing. Kenneth Jay Lane is one of my favorites and the quality is great for the value.

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