Sunday, August 25, 2013

Logo Tees

Ever since I was a little kid I have been attracted by logo tee shirts.  Now that I'm well into my forties I wonder how long I can pull these off.  My thought is as long as I keep it casual, it's OK.  The other style that works is, say for example you are going to a concert, you have the casual concert tee and everything else is more conservative.  The logo tee with nice jeans, black blazer and ballerina flats or boots.   
Here I am all Targeted out for running errands on Saturday.

Logo tee: Old Target
Denim skirt: Old Xhilaration Target
J.Crew Jackie copycat cardigan: Merona  Target
Shoes:  Lands End Gatas Canvas slip-on shoes
Bags under eyes:  Sleep deprivation

Same outfit without the preppy cardigan, sweeping up after getting a new septic tank put in last week.  I'm enjoying doing the asymmetrical look with long tees lately.  It just adds a little zing.

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