Monday, September 30, 2013

Skinny Jeans to the Rescue


Sometimes it's such a relief when you decide on an outfit and everything falls into place as planned.  I have skinny jeans to thank for this easy style of dressing because really, all one needs is a cute top.  I love skirts but sometimes they need more planning and even though dresses are easier to deal with, there always seems to be the challenge of what shoe to wear.
It has taken me awhile to branch out into snazzy skinny jean territory.  I have always hated the idea of spending a lot on jeans because they are just, well, jeans.  These Gap skinny jeans were a good starting point when I purchased them on sale and I find them to be quite comfortable.                      

Blouse: Anthropologie Valley Breeze Tunic by Fei from 2011
Necklace: Anthropologie from 2011
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny in lilac
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Leve Flat

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Keurig Coffee and a Pretty Dress

I had been curious about the Keurig coffee maker but I was hesitant to make the purchase for fear of disappointment.  So I was very excited when my mom upgraded to the smaller version and gave me her old one.  I have to say that it is like a new fun toy and shopping for different coffees has been a scavenger hunt of sorts.  So far, Newman's Own Special Blend is a favorite, followed by the Kahlua flavored by Timothy's World Coffee.  I'm still looking for a good chai and cocoa.
In keeping with the coffee theme, this Anthropologie dress offers up nice color combinations of brown, orange and cream with a few other hues peppered in.             


 Paul Newman

Dress: Anthropologie Lappula by Edme and Esylite.  I purchased on sale in 2011.
Necklace:  Anthropologie
Shoes: Old Lela Rose for Payless

Monday, September 23, 2013

Starting Fall in Summer Yellow

It's the second day of fall but the weather still says summer.  I thought that yellow could lighten up the grind of Monday, but no such luck.  Maybe I should not be listening to a melancholy song by Michael BublĂ© while I write this. 
In a previous post I mentioned the fun prints J.Crew has been known to create.  There hasn't been anything this year that has caught my eye, except for the French Hen cardigan from J.Crew Factory.  I like the fact that J.Crew Factory will redo some J.Crew clothing but put the Factory spin on them.  This old lighthouse skirt from J.Crew was an impulse buy at the time but I collect fun printed clothing now so it was one of those impulse purchases that turned out positive.                                      
Skirt: Old J.Crew
Shirt: Old Victoria's Secret
Espadrilles: Soludos for J.Crew.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spearmint Stripes with Blue

I have learned some fun things about fashion from blogs and one thing in particular that has nudged me a bit is to think outside the color box.  When I first bought this skirt I just assumed I would be wearing a green top with it.  Last week I popped into my favorite consignment shop and ran across this blue Deletta blouse.  I almost bypassed it because it looked too small, but I started to picture it with the Spearmint skirt and gave it a try.  It poofs out like a maternity shirt, so I think it really needs to be tucked in.  In the dressing room I made sure it would work tucked into a skirt and when it passed my test, a new color pairing with the Spearmint skirt was discovered.                         

Skirt: Anthropologie Spearmint Stripe by Postmark.
Blue Top:  Deletta from consignment store.
Belt:  Older Anthropologie.
Necklace: Cost Plus.  Found on sale a few months back.
Blue shoes:  Target Ona flats.
Green shoes: Purchased in 2006,  Bronx brand in Fabia style from QVC. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cats, Hats and Tea Dresses

Happy Weekend!  It was quite a week, so tonight I'm unwinding with pizza and cupcakes.
I'm wondering if Anthropologie is going to have another Archival collection again.  This dress is quintessential Anthropologie to me and I would love to see more fun prints like this one in the future.

Dress: Anthropologie Floreat Sugar and Cream dress.
Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie.  Older Orchid color
Hat: Cheshire Cat from Disneyland. 
Shoes: Older Hush Puppies. Charming style

Cheshire Cat photo  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Isaac Mizrahi's Appreciation for Vintage

For a few years now, Isaac Mizrahi has been offering a 50's style dress for QVC.  This dress in particular was for Spring 2013 and as usual they sell out when they are presented for the first time.  I always have to be put on a wait list because I Tivo my favorite QVC shows and watch them later in the evening. I hope that he continues making this dress and maybe QVC could offer a preview for those of us who have purchased it before, because it's too hard for me to catch his show live.  I love how Isaac Mizrahi continues to look to the past for some of his designs.    
The main flower on this necklace looks more pink in my picture.  I think it is taking on more of the colors from the flowers in the dress.  It's really more of an orange.   

Dress: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC
Belt : Target in orange
Necklace: Joan Rivers floral for QVC
Shoes: Talbots older leather espadrilles    

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Picky in Pink

I  never thought that the High Tea Floral necklace on the Anthropologie website would go on sale, but I kept it in my wishlist anyway.  But just last week to my surprise it hit sale which got me stressing over my budget and doing the money shuffle.  There are certain purchases that sometimes come with buyers remorse or in my case, buyers concern over whether I received the best one.  This is a beautiful piece but as I mentioned in an earlier post about print control, some styles of jewelry may need placement control.  In the picture on the website, the blue rose shows more prominently in the front but I am more of a pink lover and would prefer the two shades of pink to be prominent.  The necklace is a round ball of porcelain roses and the side that appears to be the front is pictured in the second photo.  The two roses should have been painted a color.  I get more color options if I wear it backwards but the twist tie shows on the one green rose that is sideways.  I know it sounds enticing to have things that are one of a kind, however I would have preferred if the necklaces had all been painted the same.       

Dress: Older Anthropologie Tuileries Dress by Moulinette Soeurs
Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie
Necklace: Anthropologie High Tea Floral Pendant Necklace by Andres Gallardo.  This necklace appears to be sold out but it may pop back or there may be in store returns.  The style number is 27845569   
Shoes: Older Hush Puppies in the Charming style which was a low heeled Mary Jane shoe and came in many colors.  They are so comfortable that it's worth it to bring them back.  I'm wearing the pink mist. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Celebrating the Hostess Comeback in a Vintage Dress

Some things I never miss until they are gone.  This is how I felt when Hostess went out of business and a piece of Americana disappeared.  Hostess desserts were a huge part of my childhood in the 70's, which was the goofiest decade of all making it an amazing experience if you were 12 and under.  Although I am far from militant in food choices for my daughter, I have not pushed Ding Dongs and Ho Ho's on her.  But when I saw these in Target this weekend I had to pounce.  I haven't opened them yet so the verdict is still out if the new owners kept the recipe.                         
This dress was purchased from Ebay quite a few years ago for about 12 bucks.  Although it is pretty the inside looks like a bad sewing job which leads me to wonder if it was altered in some way.  It could have at one time had long sleeves and it may have even been a long maxi dress at one point.  The polyester is the typical early 70's shiny stiff material that got a bad rap later on but this does not detract from its charm.         

Dress: Vintage Leslie Fay
Necklace:  Kmart Bongo Juniors Floral Necklace
Belt: Older Isaac Mizrahi for QVC
Shoes: Old Chadwick's of Boston

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Third Dress was Just Right

I have to say that this dress was a tough one for me.  When I first saw it in the store I was in a hurry and just had time to glance at the price tag and as usual, I chose to wait for the sale.  Then during the summer I had a chance to try on both the 4 and the 6 and to my disappointment, the 6 was too big and my usual 4 felt too snug.  However, after passing on these, I still could not get my mind off this dress.
The reviews were mixed and I agreed with most of the negatives.  Adding to my concern was that the zipper on both dresses seemed tough, leaving me to wonder if the quality was up to par.

Just when I had thought about considering a size 6 with the idea of taking it to a tailor, I came upon another size 4 in the sale room and this time it fit very comfortably.  It was also on its second markdown so that of course was another plus.

Dress: Anthropologie Rosebloom Burnout dress by Porridge
Shoes: Target Mossimo Ona flat in Midnight

Friday, September 6, 2013

Green Preppy Day and an Owl Score

I have to say that Polo dresses are no longer my favorite things to wear but since I still have some cute ones from Lands End, I pull them out on hot days when it's time to clean house or water the yard.  We are having a huge heat wave in Cali, so the fall clothes will have to wait.
The heat has been bringing out all sorts of critters like this cute little Grasshopper and I didn't even mind that it was savoring my rose.  They are such a pretty shade of green.

 Jaclyn Smith owl shirt

While on the subject of critters, it looks as if Owls may again be popular this fall.  Shopping in Kmart yesterday, I came upon this Jaclyn Smith shirt which was a nice surprise since I had never seen it before.  I missed out on the Jaclyn Smith mint green bird shirt in the Spring so it was great to walk in and see fresh new merchandise.   

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Frog Necklace and a Summer Skirt

I love this old Anthropologie Vanessa Virginia skirt so much, not only for the print but also the comfort.  The cotton is so light weight yet it does not seem fragile.  I have thought about having this copied by a seamstress but finding this exact fabric may prove difficult.
I am a fan of Betsey Johnson costume jewelry and I was lucky to find this frog necklace at Macys on a great sale a couple of years ago.  I only have two pieces so far and regret not buying the vegetable style necklace while at Macys that same year.  It was on sale but I got greedy and wanted it on more of a sale.  I had no idea that it would be so hard to find.  The same thing happened with the J.Crew apple skirt.  I thought it should have been marked down even further and waited too long.  Ebay used to be the place to go when one missed out on an item but the prices have been too high.  I never understand why sellers keep items on Ebay for the longest time yet never bother to lower the prices when they don't sell.  Wouldn't they rather have some money instead of being stuck with merchandise that clearly isn't moving?   

Skirt:  Anthropologie Vanessa Virginia Kahakai skirt
Necklace: Betsey Johnson frog
Shirt: Old Victoria's Secret tee  
Shoes: Old Talbots leather espadrilles

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Celebrating the Last Days of Summer

September is now upon us and it could not be any hotter.  The good news about this is that we can enjoy our summer clothes a little while longer.  I was inspired this weekend when I pulled out one of my favorite movies, Chocolat and enjoyed seeing all of the 50's era clothing.  This Odille skirt looks so vintage to me and I was glad to finally wear it.  Yes, finally wear it since it has been buried in my closet and I have always had a habit of holding back the nicer clothes for fear of wearing them out.  This of course is silly because what is the point of buying nicer clothes from Anthropologie and J. Crew, etc. if you are not going to wear it.   
This Elephant Parade necklace was a Forever 21 online purchase.  They have so much fun jewelry at such incredibly cheap prices.  This stuff is cheaper than Kmart!           

Top: Old Anthropologie Deletta Gathering Tee
Skirt:  Old Anthropologie Odille Splendid Celebration
Necklace:  Forever 21 Elephant


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