Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cats, Hats and Tea Dresses

Happy Weekend!  It was quite a week, so tonight I'm unwinding with pizza and cupcakes.
I'm wondering if Anthropologie is going to have another Archival collection again.  This dress is quintessential Anthropologie to me and I would love to see more fun prints like this one in the future.

Dress: Anthropologie Floreat Sugar and Cream dress.
Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie.  Older Orchid color
Hat: Cheshire Cat from Disneyland. 
Shoes: Older Hush Puppies. Charming style

Cheshire Cat photo  


  1. This look is fabulous! Love that it is inspired by the Cheshire cat. That hat is wonderful! Is that a kitty in you photo? Marcy totally approves. lol

    1. Thank you! This was a fun creative style adventure for me. And it was just by accident that my cat Coraline's tail was curled up like the one in the Cheshire photo.



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