Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Celebrating the Hostess Comeback in a Vintage Dress

Some things I never miss until they are gone.  This is how I felt when Hostess went out of business and a piece of Americana disappeared.  Hostess desserts were a huge part of my childhood in the 70's, which was the goofiest decade of all making it an amazing experience if you were 12 and under.  Although I am far from militant in food choices for my daughter, I have not pushed Ding Dongs and Ho Ho's on her.  But when I saw these in Target this weekend I had to pounce.  I haven't opened them yet so the verdict is still out if the new owners kept the recipe.                         
This dress was purchased from Ebay quite a few years ago for about 12 bucks.  Although it is pretty the inside looks like a bad sewing job which leads me to wonder if it was altered in some way.  It could have at one time had long sleeves and it may have even been a long maxi dress at one point.  The polyester is the typical early 70's shiny stiff material that got a bad rap later on but this does not detract from its charm.         

Dress: Vintage Leslie Fay
Necklace:  Kmart Bongo Juniors Floral Necklace
Belt: Older Isaac Mizrahi for QVC
Shoes: Old Chadwick's of Boston

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