Friday, September 6, 2013

Green Preppy Day and an Owl Score

I have to say that Polo dresses are no longer my favorite things to wear but since I still have some cute ones from Lands End, I pull them out on hot days when it's time to clean house or water the yard.  We are having a huge heat wave in Cali, so the fall clothes will have to wait.
The heat has been bringing out all sorts of critters like this cute little Grasshopper and I didn't even mind that it was savoring my rose.  They are such a pretty shade of green.

 Jaclyn Smith owl shirt

While on the subject of critters, it looks as if Owls may again be popular this fall.  Shopping in Kmart yesterday, I came upon this Jaclyn Smith shirt which was a nice surprise since I had never seen it before.  I missed out on the Jaclyn Smith mint green bird shirt in the Spring so it was great to walk in and see fresh new merchandise.   

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