Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Keurig Coffee and a Pretty Dress

I had been curious about the Keurig coffee maker but I was hesitant to make the purchase for fear of disappointment.  So I was very excited when my mom upgraded to the smaller version and gave me her old one.  I have to say that it is like a new fun toy and shopping for different coffees has been a scavenger hunt of sorts.  So far, Newman's Own Special Blend is a favorite, followed by the Kahlua flavored by Timothy's World Coffee.  I'm still looking for a good chai and cocoa.
In keeping with the coffee theme, this Anthropologie dress offers up nice color combinations of brown, orange and cream with a few other hues peppered in.             


 Paul Newman

Dress: Anthropologie Lappula by Edme and Esylite.  I purchased on sale in 2011.
Necklace:  Anthropologie
Shoes: Old Lela Rose for Payless


  1. Oh, Stacey... love this dress on you! Just beautiful! Those colors are amazing! Sigh... that Paul Newman is soooo dreamy...

    1. Thanks Cynthia. And yes, Paul Newman is great eye candy. When you add Robert Redford with him in Butch Cassidy it's even better!

  2. Keurigs are awesome - except those K-cup things are ridic expensive, IMO.

    I love the print of that dress on you - and that necklace is gorge!

    1. Thank you Lisa. I was lucky to find some K-cups on sale a while back but normally they are expensive. I was surprised that Kmart has some of the highest prices on these.
      Anthropologie has great necklaces and one recently went on sale that is similar to mine that is called Riverstone. It's sold out on line but the stores may still have them.



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