Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Picky in Pink

I  never thought that the High Tea Floral necklace on the Anthropologie website would go on sale, but I kept it in my wishlist anyway.  But just last week to my surprise it hit sale which got me stressing over my budget and doing the money shuffle.  There are certain purchases that sometimes come with buyers remorse or in my case, buyers concern over whether I received the best one.  This is a beautiful piece but as I mentioned in an earlier post about print control, some styles of jewelry may need placement control.  In the picture on the website, the blue rose shows more prominently in the front but I am more of a pink lover and would prefer the two shades of pink to be prominent.  The necklace is a round ball of porcelain roses and the side that appears to be the front is pictured in the second photo.  The two roses should have been painted a color.  I get more color options if I wear it backwards but the twist tie shows on the one green rose that is sideways.  I know it sounds enticing to have things that are one of a kind, however I would have preferred if the necklaces had all been painted the same.       

Dress: Older Anthropologie Tuileries Dress by Moulinette Soeurs
Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie
Necklace: Anthropologie High Tea Floral Pendant Necklace by Andres Gallardo.  This necklace appears to be sold out but it may pop back or there may be in store returns.  The style number is 27845569   
Shoes: Older Hush Puppies in the Charming style which was a low heeled Mary Jane shoe and came in many colors.  They are so comfortable that it's worth it to bring them back.  I'm wearing the pink mist. 


  1. Oh you look fab in the tuileries dress, what a beautiful print from Anthro!

  2. Thank you Lisa! This dress is one of my favorites from Anthropologie. I wish they would do more fun prints like this one from a few years back.



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