Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spearmint Stripes with Blue

I have learned some fun things about fashion from blogs and one thing in particular that has nudged me a bit is to think outside the color box.  When I first bought this skirt I just assumed I would be wearing a green top with it.  Last week I popped into my favorite consignment shop and ran across this blue Deletta blouse.  I almost bypassed it because it looked too small, but I started to picture it with the Spearmint skirt and gave it a try.  It poofs out like a maternity shirt, so I think it really needs to be tucked in.  In the dressing room I made sure it would work tucked into a skirt and when it passed my test, a new color pairing with the Spearmint skirt was discovered.                         

Skirt: Anthropologie Spearmint Stripe by Postmark.
Blue Top:  Deletta from consignment store.
Belt:  Older Anthropologie.
Necklace: Cost Plus.  Found on sale a few months back.
Blue shoes:  Target Ona flats.
Green shoes: Purchased in 2006,  Bronx brand in Fabia style from QVC. 


  1. Love how you paired this with the blue shirt and big belt! Looks great! I almost bought this skirt but didn't. Wondering if it will be "the one that got away" and I think about every time I see someone wear it.

    1. Thank you! The blue did seem to work with this skirt. Oh and those items that get away from us can be annoying, especially when they show up on Ebay for a crazy price. I am always hoping that the Anna Sui Roe Habitat blouse with the deer print will show up at a decent price. It's funny that Ebay is just not as fun as it used to be because sellers set a high price and the true auction is dying off.



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