Monday, September 23, 2013

Starting Fall in Summer Yellow

It's the second day of fall but the weather still says summer.  I thought that yellow could lighten up the grind of Monday, but no such luck.  Maybe I should not be listening to a melancholy song by Michael Bubl√© while I write this. 
In a previous post I mentioned the fun prints J.Crew has been known to create.  There hasn't been anything this year that has caught my eye, except for the French Hen cardigan from J.Crew Factory.  I like the fact that J.Crew Factory will redo some J.Crew clothing but put the Factory spin on them.  This old lighthouse skirt from J.Crew was an impulse buy at the time but I collect fun printed clothing now so it was one of those impulse purchases that turned out positive.                                      
Skirt: Old J.Crew
Shirt: Old Victoria's Secret
Espadrilles: Soludos for J.Crew.  

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