Monday, September 9, 2013

The Third Dress was Just Right

I have to say that this dress was a tough one for me.  When I first saw it in the store I was in a hurry and just had time to glance at the price tag and as usual, I chose to wait for the sale.  Then during the summer I had a chance to try on both the 4 and the 6 and to my disappointment, the 6 was too big and my usual 4 felt too snug.  However, after passing on these, I still could not get my mind off this dress.
The reviews were mixed and I agreed with most of the negatives.  Adding to my concern was that the zipper on both dresses seemed tough, leaving me to wonder if the quality was up to par.

Just when I had thought about considering a size 6 with the idea of taking it to a tailor, I came upon another size 4 in the sale room and this time it fit very comfortably.  It was also on its second markdown so that of course was another plus.

Dress: Anthropologie Rosebloom Burnout dress by Porridge
Shoes: Target Mossimo Ona flat in Midnight

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