Monday, October 7, 2013

A Pink Lilly Poodle Kind of Day

The forecast said it would be hot today, but I still played it safe with a cardigan when I went to volunteer at my daughter's school today.  I oozed pink, maybe even too much, but today's weather called for a little more fun with fashion.  Although, there was a bit of fashion drama amongst the second graders which included the loss of a ring.  At lunch recess, my daughter and her friends rushed up to me frantic to inform me that one of the girls had lost her ring.  The information I received was that it was a pink and "real."  When they led me to the garbage can filled with lunch discards, I grimaced, then asked the distraught friend if she remembered where she bought it and that maybe it could be replaced.  In a very serious voice she informed me that it could not be replaced.  "I got it at Roundtable Pizza and it's a real ring!"  Even in second grade, fashion is taken very seriously. 

Cardigan: Lilly Pulitzer Jubilee from 2008
Skirt with Poodles: Violet brand. Purchased in the Nordstrom's Juniors department about 8 years ago.
Shirt: Victoria's Secret
Espadrilles: Talbots 

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