Friday, October 11, 2013

All Day Shoes

Lately it seems that the only shoes I am wearing these days are my Payless American Eagle Flats.  I have coined a term called the two hour shoes and the "Three Hour Tour" part of the Gilligan's Island theme plays in my head every time I think of this.  The shoes that I can wear all day are of course, my Nike shoes for walking but that doesn't really count.  Payless American Eagle flats, Jessica Simpson Leve flats and Isaac Mizrahi for QVC get the green light for comfort.  Surprisingly, my Tory Burch flats fall into the two hour shoe category, GASP!  I have a few pairs and for the money they should yield better results.  In all fairness, it may just be my feet.  The other annoying thing about shoes is that, for my size, 5.5 used to be the smallest.  Somewhere in the late 90's or early 2000's, along came size 5 as the smallest.  There are even some companies that have 6 as the smallest size which are too big for me.  So as far as accessories go, I would choose costume jewelry or even belts over shoes any day.          
This outfit looks better if the cardigan is unbuttoned, as in the first picture.  The second look shows the cardigan buttoned and the sleeves pushed up.  I chose not to wear a necklace because I thought the foxes were the showpiece.      
Cardigan: Nordstrom Halogen Boyfriend in pumpkin from Fall 2012. This year's V-Neck Merino Cardigan
Shirt: Anthropologie Postmark Fox tee from last year.  This year's similar version- Creature Feature Top
Jeans: Vera Wang boyfriend roll ups from Kohls. 
Flats: Payless American Eagle Avery.  Avery Flats

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