Monday, October 28, 2013

Bringing Out the Vintage


One of the nice things about Halloween is that you have a good excuse to bring out the vintage.  While running last minute Halloween errands this weekend, I decided to pair this old Anthropologie sweater with a vintage skirt.  I purchased this skirt at the Flea Market for $5 about twelve years ago.  The material is very stiff and it's lined in a thick tulle, so it's not prone to wrinkling.  The sweater came with the pin and pearl accent and was offered in this pink, black and I think the other color was a light green.  I'm not sure what the brand is; Monogram perhaps?  
I bought these leather ballet flats by Kenneth Cole this weekend for $25 at Costco.  

Sweater: Old Anthropologie
Skirt: Vintage 50's
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Luka Ballet Flats from Costco.

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