Monday, October 21, 2013

Frog and the Mushroom

It's always a special treat when you discover an outfit combination that really clicks.  When Anthropologie recently offered free shipping, I decided to add the Toadstool Blouse to my collection and when I received it in the mail, my buyers remorse was put at ease.  It is a gorgeous silk blouse with little sequins adorning some of the mushrooms and a pretty color palette that can go with many different shades.
I originally planned on wearing this with a green pencil skirt until I pulled out my Crimson Maple colored skirt from last year's J.Crew collection and saw how perfectly the mushrooms matched.  Then came the frog ring when I spotted the little guy amongst my costume jewelry.   Although poppies may have been more spot on, the mushrooms felt very suitable for seeing the musical Wizard of Oz at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco.      

Blouse: Anthropologie Moulinette Soeurs Toadstool Blouse. 
Skirt: J.Crew No. 2 Pencil in Double Serge Wool in Crimson Maple from 2012.  Similar J.Crew Wool Skirt.
Ring: Kenneth Jay Lane Frog.  Available at QVC, now only in size 6  "As Is" price- KJL Charming Frog
Shoes: Luna Rosa burgandy Mary Jane


  1. This is a great outfit with a vintage secretary feel for sure, from the tie blouse to the mary-janes. And the frog is a ring? How sweet. The perfect amount of whimsy and playfulness for The Wizard of Oz. :-)


    1. Thank you for your sweet compliment! Yes, the Frog is a ring. I love Kenneth Jay Lane costume jewelry and the quality is perfect. KJL does a lot of nature inspired jewelry like flowers and animals. The shoes on the other hand were painful after a few hours.



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