Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pairing a Halloween Shirt with Anthropologie

Since I love Halloween, I have a few festive shirts for the occasion.  The trick to not falling into the dreaded dorky, holiday shirt problem is in the pairing and the picture.  This long sleeved tee shirt from Kmart that I bought about four years ago has the traditional witch and black cat looking subtle, not goofy.  I then finished the outfit off by pairing a pumpkin colored  Anthropologie cardigan from last year.
The last two pictures show the charm of this traditional fisherman style sweater.  One of the trademark styles of Anthropologie that I love, is when they take a classic style and add a charming touch.  This cardigan is longer in the back which is perfect for low rise jeans and the bottom is finished off with a pretty ribbon detail.       

Cardigan: Anthropologie Far Away From Close Skirted Fisherman Cardigan. Fall 2012
Shirt: Old Kmart Holiday Editions.
Jeans: Old Kmart Route 66.
Shoes: Nine West Naughty leopard.  About two years old.  

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