Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Preppy Yorkie Polo

Yesterday I pulled out an old Ralph Lauren polo shirt from, I think as old as the late 90's.  When I spotted the shirt at Saks Fifth Avenue that many years ago, I was attracted to the unique logo of the dog, which was a nice change from the typical polo player.
So I thought it was a funny coincidence when I flipped through my October Bazaar magazine today and came upon a cute article about Ralph Lauren and his involvement with the Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month. 
This shirt is a nice fit so it would be nice if they reproduced these with cute dogs and or cats.
Here is the link to the article:  Leader of the Pack by Christine Whitney

Shirt: Old, old Ralph Lauren
Skirt:  Target Merona denim, about three years old
Slippers: Kmart Joe Boxer leopard   


  1. Aw, what cute embroidery. I think Polo would sell a ton more shirts if they came out with cute new embroidered designs.

  2. I think we are on to something! Animal prints are popular right now so I would imagine that a variety of critters on their shirts may do well.



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