Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Saving Your Best for What Special Day?

The Target Merona cardigans are very similar to the J.Crew Jackie cardigans, so I have added some of these to my collection.  I find myself reaching for the Merona cardigans instead of the J.Crew ones when I'm having the mom on the go days, which are most days.  Because they are so inexpensive, I don't worry about snagging or spilling on them.  So here is the ridiculous part.  I have a Lane cedar chest filled with a collection of colorful J.Crew Jackie sweaters neatly folded.  I have collected them every time J.Crew has one of their great sales, but it really is wasteful if they never see the light of day.  I do get points for wearing the teacup shirt because normally I would feel the need to protect my precious Anthropologie item.  The last picture is an example of stress free dressing.  Target + Kmart = Does not matter if kitty snags or if clothes wear out.  The shoes are from Anthropologie but they have been well worn out of desperation for their green color.  It's hard to find green flats!              

Cardigans: Target Merona.  The Fall 2013 version here:  Women's Ultimate Crewneck
Shirt: Anthropologie Here and There tee.
Shirt 2: Old Target logo Barbie tee.  
Skirt: Cabi thrifted from Goodwill
Jeans: Old Kmart Route 66 boyfriend crop
Necklace: Ann Taylor pink rhinestone bought on clearance 3 years ago.
Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC pink flats. Leather Ballet flats
Shoes 2: Old Anthropologie Seychelles canvas flats. 

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