Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Target's Big Red Ball of Art

The gold sequins on this striped shirt had me pulling it off the clearance rack two seasons ago.  I love little touches like this added to everyday basic clothing, something that Anthropologie and J.Crew are known for.  And then along comes Target like a little fish trying to keep up with the bigger and cooler sea creature.  If you want some good J.Crew knockoffs, Target will keep you shopping.  This shirt is an example of that and I paid about $11 for it.                           

Shirt:  Target Merona.  Available without sequins here.    Merona Women's 3/4 Sleeve tee
Skirt: Old Chadwick's of Boston
Shoes: Payless American Eagle Avery
Handbag: Last years Marshalls Isaac Mizrahi find

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