Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I celebrated Thanksgiving in my owl sweater that took forever to go on sale.  When I came across this cute item at the end of July, I assumed that it would not take long for it to be marked down.  But I found myself waiting and then when October came, I knew that Anthropologie would hold off in hopes of the Halloween style attracting shoppers.  Thanks to the good old store search, a sales associate located one for me when the sale did hit. 
It was nice to have a prop for these blog photos since the same old hand on hip can get monotonous.  My daughter and I are proudly showing my favorite Thanksgiving treat.  While taking these photos I had a fear that the pecan pie would end up a pecan splat, but it survived.  And my daughter survived being seated at the kid table, even though she had made it clear this morning that she did not want kid silverware, did not want her food cut up into tiny bits and did not want to sit at the kid table.  She only got three of her wishes, so she had to sit with her cousins who are five, three and two.  This was not the most fun for a seven-year-old.                  

Sweater: Anthropologie Wisened Pullover by Moth
Jeans:  Wit and Wisdom from Nordstrom
Shoes: Rocket Dog

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cardigan Love Found on the Anthro Mother Ship

I find it interesting when I walk into an Anthropologie and see an item that just did not catch my eye on the website, only to be impressed when spotted in person.  This happened over the weekend when I saw the Tabitha Fanned Vines Cardigan and fell for the pink and grey combination.  Every year Anthropologie does a 50's style cardigan which I then add to my wish list, but this year we have three to choose from all at once.  The Fanned Vines also offers an oatmeal color with yellow embroidery and there is also the Tabitha Posey Patch cardigan.  I have been in love with 50's style cardigans since college when I would see the artsy bohemian girls in their vintage beaded sweaters.       
The Odette skirt by Troubadour caught my eye but I can't help but think that for the price it should have a zipper instead of elastic waist.  I always imagine elastic wearing out and I associate better quality skirts with zippers.  With a $168 price tag, this is definitely a wait for the sale item.  I'm wondering how low will it go?       
Not the best photo, I know, but I do like the mustard sweater with this skirt.  Since I'm more of an orange girl and have yet to enter mustard territory, I would like to try a persimmon color and bring out the beak.    

Anthropologie Odette Skirt
Anthropologie Fanned Vines Cardigan

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Curve Collar Dreams

It seems that just when I have conquered something on my Anthro wish list, something else has to pop up.  I waited patiently for the Burgeoning cardigan to hit sale, along with that stubborn owl sweater that took months to make the cut.  So in the last few weeks of successful Anthropologie sales, I have felt that odd sense of completion when I delete purchased items off of the list.  Then afterwards, there is always the guilt of buying more stuff which I don't need.  
I recently tried on the Curve Collar cardigan while I was in Anthropologie this past weekend and soon after, added it to my wish list.  Hopefully December will bring some nice sales to help with the waiting game.     

Cardigan: Anthropologie Burgeoning by Sparrow.  Cardigan
Jeans: Vera Wang from Kohls
Shirt:  Isaac Mizrahi Essentials Long Sleeve Tee in Shocking Pink.  QVC.
Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi Leather Ballet Flats. QVC.
Jacket:  Anthropologie Curve Collar Cardigan by Guinevere in bottom picture.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Little Floral in Fall

I was pleasantly surprised when I wore this cardigan on the mild fall day we had yesterday.  It's really a thin spring/summer cardigan, but since I paired it with a thick cotton tee, it worked great.  I was tired from dealing with a sick kid the night before, so I went with understated jewelry and shoes.  The picture on the bottom shows the light pink shoes I really wore, but the first picture looks better with the brown artsy looking shoes. I found these shoes at Marshalls about two years ago and their crafty style reminded me of Anthropologie.
I really wanted to wear the sash/belt that this cardigan came with but it is lost at the moment.  When I first bought the cardigan, I was not impressed with the belt and tossed it aside, somewhere.  Instead I found this Anthropologie belt which turned out fine since the little acorns are very autumnal.             

Cardigan: Anthropologie Blossomed Lengths by Moth.
Jeans: Nordstrom Wit and Wisdom Skinny denim in mango.
Belt: Anthropologie Lucky Penny.  A few years old.
Necklace: Forever 21 owl.  A few months old.
Shoes: Brown artsy looking flat by Rocket Dog.  Style name is Vigor Sparky Wool.  About two years old.
Shoes:  Light pink from Jessica Simpson.  Style name is Emmly.  Sold at Macys in nude and black. 
Shirt:  Isaac Mizrahi Essentials Long Sleeve Knit Tee in Ecru.  Sold at QVC.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dr. Bombay Strikes a Blog Pose


I thought it would look cool to wear my reading glasses in this picture but because of the bad lighting it wasn't exactly the look I was going for.  I was happy to finally wear this teal Anthro blazer, even though I bought it last winter.  I have had a bad habit for years of waiting to wear certain items and I'm impressed with other blogger's who wear their new clothes over and over.  I am finally conquering the idea that I have to save my nicer clothes.  That ribbon hanging down in Dr. Bombay's photo is from the Burgeoning Cardigan from Sparrow that I hope to wear on Friday. 
I originally was going to talk about this Deletta tee, seen in the last photo, during summer but I held off because the picture seemed off to me.  I later realized that I needed some fake tanner on the chest area, so next summer all lower cut tops will require some Jergens.  The only reason I didn't delete this picture was because I liked the funny look on my cat Coraline's face.  This look on her face pretty much sums up how she is feeling these days.

We have a new member of our family and we wanted to give him a witch name, which is difficult for a boy.  But after researching some character names from the old TV show Bewitched, we came up with Dr. Bombay.  I had forgotten about Samantha calling for Dr. Bombay from time to time. 
Both of my cats have yet to warm up to the idea of this new kitty, who is 8 months old.  Nobody wanted to adopt this poor guy and every time we made a cat food run to Pet Smart, we would see him all alone in his cage.  So this last weekend, I said if he is still there, I will consider him and consider turned into a meet and greet, which led to bringing him home the next day.  He is happy as a clam now that he can run and play and live a normal life outside of the small cage he lived in for two and a half months.  It's great that Pet Smart allows groups like Animal Friends Rescue Project to set up a viewing room in their store.            

Blazer: Anthropologie Ruffle Collar by Elevenses purchased winter 2013.
Shirt: Isaac Mizrahi Essentials Long Sleeve Knit Tee for QVC.
Necklace: Target Elephant purchased on sale in September.
Boots: Target Mossimo Kaelyn from last year.  Brown is on clearance now.  Kaelyn Boot.
Jeans:  Vera Wang for Kohls.
Pillow: Owl pillow from Cost Plus about two years ago.  Cost Plus has great pillows.  

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

I had fun being Jacqueline Kennedy for our school Halloween Festival this year.  It gave me a reason to wear this vintage suit that I bought off of Ebay about eight years ago and the pillbox hat, which was purchased at an antique shop.  The whole outfit was really comfortable too, which was a bonus since dressing up for Halloween can sometimes be difficult. 
Since Monster High dolls remind me of Halloween, I decided to post these pictures I snapped when I was out shopping.  My daughter and I are intrigued with the artistry of these funny dolls.  The first time I saw them I thought they were a bazaar toy.  Then gradually with each store outing, they started to grow on us and it was hard not to stop and stare.  Now we are completely fascinated, but we haven't made the leap yet since we are both Barbie and American Girl lovers.

Suit: Vintage I.Magnin.
Necklace: QVC Jacqueline Kennedy Classic Triple Strand Simulated Pearl Necklace.
Shoes: Old Payless Kash kitten heel pump.


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