Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cardigan Love Found on the Anthro Mother Ship

I find it interesting when I walk into an Anthropologie and see an item that just did not catch my eye on the website, only to be impressed when spotted in person.  This happened over the weekend when I saw the Tabitha Fanned Vines Cardigan and fell for the pink and grey combination.  Every year Anthropologie does a 50's style cardigan which I then add to my wish list, but this year we have three to choose from all at once.  The Fanned Vines also offers an oatmeal color with yellow embroidery and there is also the Tabitha Posey Patch cardigan.  I have been in love with 50's style cardigans since college when I would see the artsy bohemian girls in their vintage beaded sweaters.       
The Odette skirt by Troubadour caught my eye but I can't help but think that for the price it should have a zipper instead of elastic waist.  I always imagine elastic wearing out and I associate better quality skirts with zippers.  With a $168 price tag, this is definitely a wait for the sale item.  I'm wondering how low will it go?       
Not the best photo, I know, but I do like the mustard sweater with this skirt.  Since I'm more of an orange girl and have yet to enter mustard territory, I would like to try a persimmon color and bring out the beak.    

Anthropologie Odette Skirt
Anthropologie Fanned Vines Cardigan


  1. What a pretty skirt and I agree that persimmon would be lovely with it. And I'm glad you were able to find the target cardi, it's a great little sweater.

  2. The swan skirt is typical Anthropologie to me. I have yet to try one on, so I'm not quite sure if it will fit like a pencil skirt or A-line. The price seems too high so I am going to wait for the sale on this one. The Target cardigan was quite a score. Thanks for the tip.
    Happy Thanksgiving,



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