Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dr. Bombay Strikes a Blog Pose


I thought it would look cool to wear my reading glasses in this picture but because of the bad lighting it wasn't exactly the look I was going for.  I was happy to finally wear this teal Anthro blazer, even though I bought it last winter.  I have had a bad habit for years of waiting to wear certain items and I'm impressed with other blogger's who wear their new clothes over and over.  I am finally conquering the idea that I have to save my nicer clothes.  That ribbon hanging down in Dr. Bombay's photo is from the Burgeoning Cardigan from Sparrow that I hope to wear on Friday. 
I originally was going to talk about this Deletta tee, seen in the last photo, during summer but I held off because the picture seemed off to me.  I later realized that I needed some fake tanner on the chest area, so next summer all lower cut tops will require some Jergens.  The only reason I didn't delete this picture was because I liked the funny look on my cat Coraline's face.  This look on her face pretty much sums up how she is feeling these days.

We have a new member of our family and we wanted to give him a witch name, which is difficult for a boy.  But after researching some character names from the old TV show Bewitched, we came up with Dr. Bombay.  I had forgotten about Samantha calling for Dr. Bombay from time to time. 
Both of my cats have yet to warm up to the idea of this new kitty, who is 8 months old.  Nobody wanted to adopt this poor guy and every time we made a cat food run to Pet Smart, we would see him all alone in his cage.  So this last weekend, I said if he is still there, I will consider him and consider turned into a meet and greet, which led to bringing him home the next day.  He is happy as a clam now that he can run and play and live a normal life outside of the small cage he lived in for two and a half months.  It's great that Pet Smart allows groups like Animal Friends Rescue Project to set up a viewing room in their store.            

Blazer: Anthropologie Ruffle Collar by Elevenses purchased winter 2013.
Shirt: Isaac Mizrahi Essentials Long Sleeve Knit Tee for QVC.
Necklace: Target Elephant purchased on sale in September.
Boots: Target Mossimo Kaelyn from last year.  Brown is on clearance now.  Kaelyn Boot.
Jeans:  Vera Wang for Kohls.
Pillow: Owl pillow from Cost Plus about two years ago.  Cost Plus has great pillows.  


  1. That is so sweet that you adopted a new kitty!!! Love his name too. We have a black kitty too and just love her. Hope she and the other cats start getting along soon.

    Btw, I just love how your cats are always in your outfit pics!!! meow!


    1. The nicer one of the original two cats, Coraline, is warming up to Dr. Bombay. He is such a loving cat and will not give up until he makes friends with her. It has been fun having the cats in the pictures. I usually just call one of them over since they always seem to be close by. Luckily they don't roam off.
      Thanks for stopping by,



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