Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I celebrated Thanksgiving in my owl sweater that took forever to go on sale.  When I came across this cute item at the end of July, I assumed that it would not take long for it to be marked down.  But I found myself waiting and then when October came, I knew that Anthropologie would hold off in hopes of the Halloween style attracting shoppers.  Thanks to the good old store search, a sales associate located one for me when the sale did hit. 
It was nice to have a prop for these blog photos since the same old hand on hip can get monotonous.  My daughter and I are proudly showing my favorite Thanksgiving treat.  While taking these photos I had a fear that the pecan pie would end up a pecan splat, but it survived.  And my daughter survived being seated at the kid table, even though she had made it clear this morning that she did not want kid silverware, did not want her food cut up into tiny bits and did not want to sit at the kid table.  She only got three of her wishes, so she had to sit with her cousins who are five, three and two.  This was not the most fun for a seven-year-old.                  

Sweater: Anthropologie Wisened Pullover by Moth
Jeans:  Wit and Wisdom from Nordstrom
Shoes: Rocket Dog

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