Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crazy Holiday Train

Every year Starbucks gets all the love with their famous holiday drinks.  So I wanted to give a kudo to Peets.  On this particular day, my peppermint mocha did not get enough espresso due to the machine not being calibrated.  This is what the Barista told me after I had finished my coffee that tasted more like a hot chocolate.  But for the most part, I always taste the coffee and actually prefer them to Starbucks.  Since my daughter is a better photographer, she offered to take the Peets display photo.    
Christmas is coming way too fast but I am hanging on and jumping through all the hoops that are being put in front of me.  As I get older, I find that it's important to find pockets of happiness.  Whenever I become calm, no matter how brief, I make a point of grabbing onto those feelings and running with it.  I also have to push myself at times to get happy.  One good example of this was when my daughter was three years old and we took her to a Thomas the Train event.  While boarding the train, I noticed how crowded it was and muttered something in a cranky tone.  I will always remember a woman, who upon sensing my irritation, said in an understanding tone, "Just keep smiling." I always think back to that whenever the grind of life pushes me too far.          
Elves have been taking a lot of heat this Christmas, so I wanted to let my elf flag fly.  This cute little guy has been in my life for as long as I can remember.  I have him posing with one of my blue trees from Anthropologie.      

Cardigan: Anthropologie Mallard Bay by Monogram.
Jeans:  Vera Wang for Kohls.
Turtleneck: Lands End in forest green.
Boots:  Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.
Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane from QVC.
Blue Trees: Anthropologie from about nine or ten years ago.   

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Old Anthropologie Finds

I purchased this Sleeping on Snow cardigan a few months back at my local consignment shop and I'm now finally able to wear it on these chilly December days.  I love the lace work on the sleeve with the hint of sequins and the sea foam color.  Again, it's one of those classic preppy styles, the fisherman sweater with that Anthropologie touch.
Mommy humble brag warning:  I think my daughter made a good observation about Anthropologie's style while describing their ornaments.  She mentioned that they look as if someone took old rags and pieces of fabric and made them by hand.  That they look old and homemade.  I agreed that sums up a few of their style aesthetics, including the clothing.            
Nature themes remain popular with holiday decorations.  I found this big glass owl ornament at Target the other day along with the cute cardinals in a glass house.  
The owl next to Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas is from my own tree.  Sally came from Disneyland this past summer and I'm pretty sure my owl came from Anthropologie last year or the year before.     

Cardigan: Anthropologie Sleeping on Snow Femme Fisherman.
Jeans: Vera Wang Kohls.
Tee:  Isaac Mizrahi from QVC. Essentials long sleeve
Shoes: Nine West white leopard flats.   

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Rush is On

I felt like a 70's version of Nancy Drew on this freezing Christmas shopping outing.  Today I realized that now is the time to grab everything you need for the holidays, as things are clearing out!  My Target was sold out of many of the Monster High Dolls on my daughter's list and the cute preppy pull-over sweaters I had my eye on weeks ago.  I could not even find gum drops for the Gingerbread houses the second graders are going to be building.  I had to ask a saleslady for help finding good old fashioned Honey Maid Graham Crackers.  They had been placed on the bottom shelf.  What store puts a classic item on the bottom shelf?  So I can say today's Target shopping trip was a dud.    
I snapped some pictures of cute fox ornaments while in Target.  Although $8 per fox is a fair price for them, I am used to ornaments being on some type of sale this time of year.   
I have decided to not wash my own sweaters anymore because even if I wash them in cold, they still shrink on me.  Luckily I can wear my long Lands End turtleneck underneath this sweater to solve the problem of the too small sweater look.     
Sweater: Vintage cat by Susan Bristol from Ebay.  I'm guessing from the 80's because of the shoulder pads.
Jeans: Vera Wang from Kohls.
Boots:  Isaac Mizrahi from QVC.
Scarf:  Isaac Mizrahi Cabled Eternity Scarf with Metallic Detail

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Party Warmth

It is getting to the point where if all I ever wore were Anthropologie items, I think I would be set fashion wise.  This cardigan, along with pieces like the mushroom blouse, garner more compliments than any other outfits.  I think it's just that unique style that I rarely find at any other stores.  The other bonus with this sweater is how warm it is.  Sometimes embellished tops and sweaters are not warm enough, but last Christmas I did not have to deal with the biting cold.  So this past Saturday I brought out this trusty outfit and wore it to a Christmas party.  And then another great thing happened.  Not once did I think about what I was wearing, except for when I received a compliment.  No discomfort from shoes, a skirt that's too tight, cold itchy tops, etc.              

Cardigan: Anthropologie Dimensional Petals by Yellow Bird from 2012.
Skirt:  J.Crew Factory Jade wool pencil skirt from 2012.
Boots: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.  Leather Ankle Boot
Ornament: Anthropologie Glittered Owl Ornament from 2011.
Lady Ornament:  Macys this year.  


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