Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Rush is On

I felt like a 70's version of Nancy Drew on this freezing Christmas shopping outing.  Today I realized that now is the time to grab everything you need for the holidays, as things are clearing out!  My Target was sold out of many of the Monster High Dolls on my daughter's list and the cute preppy pull-over sweaters I had my eye on weeks ago.  I could not even find gum drops for the Gingerbread houses the second graders are going to be building.  I had to ask a saleslady for help finding good old fashioned Honey Maid Graham Crackers.  They had been placed on the bottom shelf.  What store puts a classic item on the bottom shelf?  So I can say today's Target shopping trip was a dud.    
I snapped some pictures of cute fox ornaments while in Target.  Although $8 per fox is a fair price for them, I am used to ornaments being on some type of sale this time of year.   
I have decided to not wash my own sweaters anymore because even if I wash them in cold, they still shrink on me.  Luckily I can wear my long Lands End turtleneck underneath this sweater to solve the problem of the too small sweater look.     
Sweater: Vintage cat by Susan Bristol from Ebay.  I'm guessing from the 80's because of the shoulder pads.
Jeans: Vera Wang from Kohls.
Boots:  Isaac Mizrahi from QVC.
Scarf:  Isaac Mizrahi Cabled Eternity Scarf with Metallic Detail


  1. Love the cat sweater and of course your newest kitty addition photo bombing your photo! What a gorgeous cat!

    Also, I loooooove the 1970's Nancy Drew look. Because really - everyone in their right mind would want to look like Pamela Sue Martin from that awesome series back in the '70's. What a great show - I looked forward to it every week. I STILL want to look like her. The books were so great too!


  2. Thank you! I was a huge fan of Nancy Drew, both the books and the TV show. I was even Pamela Sue Martin/Nancy Drew for Halloween in the 4th grade. I just saw the shows on DVD at Target this past weekend. Now I have a craving to watch some.
    Did you happen to see the cat cardigan at ModCloth? It's very cute.
    Dr. Bombay is fitting in very well and he is so sweet. It's great that he now has a home and doesn't have to live in a cage.

  3. I love the cat print on that sweater. I have a small obsession with cats. It's very cute!


    1. Thank you! Since you like cats, I would imagine that you have enjoyed all of the fun cat prints that have been in the fashion world for the past two years or so. I'm actually surprised Anthropologie has not put out that many. They tend to do more dogs.
      Thanks for stopping by,



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