Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cheap Clothes and Lucky Magazine

Lately I have been careful about buying cheap clothes on impulse.  I really have to make a case that I will be wearing the item within the year and not having it become entombed like an Egyptian artifact.  With that said, I really hemmed and hawed over two long sleeve embellished tee shirts on clearance at Target.  In the end, I justified my purchase on the fact that two casual Lands End tees in my closet are in the process of wearing out.  For the low price of $11, I thought it would be OK to buy these to wear casually, even with sweats.                         
The cardigan from Marshalls is a cute over sized bundle of warmth thanks to the wool content.  Along with the grey and camel threading, there is also silver thread that adds some pizazz.  I originally passed on this because it does pill a lot, but after a week or so, I decided to go back to Marshalls and was relieved when it was still there.  I have worn this a lot, especially around the house.  

The February issue of Lucky Magazine has a great article on thrift shopping called "What's Old is New" by Katherine Bernard and to me it is quintessential Lucky.  When she talked about wearing thrifted Ann Taylor to the Met Gala and people thinking her Jones New York is Dries Van Noten, I was hooked!    Katherine Bernard Article          

Cardigan: Berretti from Marshalls.
Tee: Target Xhilaration Embellished Sweatshirt.   
Jeans: Kmart Jaclyn Smith in coral.
Shoes 1: Old Keds.
Shoes 2: Payless Champion in white on clearance for $10.    

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fear of the Unknown

Whenever I am going into an unfamiliar situation, I prefer to dress more subdued. This means  leaving out the statement necklaces and sticking with pants instead of skirts.  I just don't want to be over dressed, but I still want to appear put together. Originally I was going to wear a blazer to the coffee with the Principal meeting that we have at my daughter's school, but because I didn't know what to expect, I chose a cardigan with a blazer style instead.  In the end, I felt completely comfortable in this outfit and the meeting turned out to be quite enjoyable.      
 I couldn't help but notice the cute strip of lace on the tag of the cardigan.  That's Anthro for you!   
I snapped this picture at Anthropologie this weekend of the Florascape Moto Jacket.  This caught my eye because it took me back to the 80's when floral prints were everywhere.  When it hits sale it may be one of those nice, on the go jackets.   

Jacket: Anthropologie Curve Collar Cardigan from Guinevere.
Jeans:  Anthropologie AG Stevie Roll-Up jeans from July of 2013.
Tee: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.  Pink Essentials Long Sleeve Tee

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Audrey Gap Pants

I have been doing a little closet cleaning and have come across two pairs of black pants that I can never seem to part with.  It dawned on me the other day that I really just don't want to part with the Gap/Audrey Hepburn ad campaign of 2006.  If you have never seen it, Google, Gap Audrey Hepburn commercial and you will see a very cool ad for the Gap Skinny black pants.  They pair her Funny Face Beatnik dance with the AC/DC's, "Back in Black," song.  These pants seem too baggy on me but in the pictures my daughter took of me, they don't look too bad.  Maybe I need to add a little Anthropologie to them!       

This Audrey Hepburn children's book has been available at Anthropologie for awhile now and the illustrations are simply stunning. Not only does my daughter have one, but I have been buying them for her best friend's birthdays. Even if you don't have kids, I highly recommend this book for Audrey fans and collectors.

Pants: Gap skinny from 2006.  I want to check these out....Gap Ultra Skinny Pants.
Top: Old, old Hillard and Hanson from the now long gone Mervyns department store!
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Luka leather Ballet flats from Costco.  Fall 2013, they may still have them.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Owl Studies

I thought it fitting to wear this Anthropologie shirt on volunteer day to my daughter's classroom since they are in the process of studying owls.  Because of the warmer temperatures I decided to wear this old skirt from Banana Republic.  The tag has the name Harrison on it, so I am assuming that is the style name.  The longer full skirt length reminds me of the late 40's, so it has a fun vintage feel to it.                           

I was able to buy this necklace for $24 after a salesperson located one for me.  It was one of those difficult items to find since I had forgotten the style name.  So I went to Ebay and typed in Anthropologie ribbon necklaces which brought up the Caldana.  From there I was able to use the style name to find one through an Anthropologie search. 

Shirt:  Anthropologie Creature Feature top.
Skirt:  Old Banana Republic.    
Cardigan:  J.Crew Factory Clare in grey.  Colors for Clare Cardigan at this time.
Necklace:  Anthropologie Caldana.
Shoes:  Target Mossimo Ona flat.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Burgundy Hair

I think this cardigan needs a brooch so I am docking points for being lazy and not pulling one out from my collection.  There seems to be a whole lot of cardigan here which is great for the cold but today reached 75 degrees!  This cardigan was a hard one to find this December, as Target's sweaters sold like hot cakes.  I'm not sure if the stores ordered less product or if people went crazy for the styles.                    

I decided to keep this outtake photo since it shows my new burgundy hair color.  Maybe I got influenced by all of my latest exposure to Monster High dolls, but I started wanting some wild color in my hair.  I learned this weekend that buying products from a beauty supply store is not for me.  The big clue to walk away was when the saleslady asked me if I needed a developer to go with the color I had chosen.  My gut told me that this was not an easy task like my beloved Garnier Nutrisse hair color kit that contains everything you need.  I really felt the buyer's remorse when I was walking to the cash register and she pointed out the mixing bowls and gloves for sale.  I should have just walked away.  In the end, my hair turned out OK but the gray roots were more pink.  Although Supercuts frightens me, I went and had them fix my amateur job. 
Cardigan: Target Merona.
Top: Forever 21 floral from Spring 2013.
Jeans:  Gap Always Skinny in mint from Spring 2013 
Shoes: Target Mossimo Ona flat. 
Monster High Doll: Jinafire Long.  Scaris City of Frights.      

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No Cold Turkey Shop Stop

Up until a month ago I would have never given a ribbon necklace a second glance.  But then in December, the Scarborough necklace caught my eye when it went on sale.  There was something about the combination of the rich teal ribbon and the vintage look of the chain, along with the artsy handmade look of the flowers that attracted me.  This style of necklace is now on my list of fun things to look for when shopping.           

Which leads me to the shopping challenges that other bloggers do from time to time.  I love the idea of shopping in your closet and I applaud people for doing a shopping ban on occasion.  However, this is why I don't want to do a cold turkey shop stop.  There are special things that pop up now and then.  A sale on something you have had your eye on for months, a designer launch at one of the stores that are affordable, a great find while thrift shopping or a unique piece of jewelry at an art festival.  If you don't treat yourself, you may miss out on a great opportunity.            
So here is my own challenge, since redirecting one's shopping style sounds like fun.  Whenever I buy something, I have to wear it soon, even if it's too dressy or special or whatever.  I was already getting better at this as I have mentioned before.  I want to stop treating my Anthropologie clothes as precious jewels and I have to have a good reason for buying the cheap stuff too.  Along with my, wear it soon idea, I also want to go spelunking in my closet.  It's been fun archiving certain clothes and researching the names and date. 

Cardigan: Anthropologie Vermeil Streams by Yellow Bird.
Necklace: Anthropologie Scarborough Ribbon.
Jeans:  Anthropologie AG Stevie in Sulfur Abyss.
Shoes: Payless Avery flats in gray with sequin detail.
Tee:  Isaac Mizrahi for QVC in Gray.  Essential Long Sleeve

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sprinkling Christmas into January

January is my least favorite month.  It must be the combination of my birthday and the cloudy gray haze that just sits there in the sky.  And since I have a second grader, it's back to school for me now too.  Her homework becomes my homework and her girl drama becomes my drama.  One dilemma that seems to be an ongoing problem is treats at lunchtime.  One little scone from Nob Hill creates too much begging from friends, which then results in only three bites for my kid.  It's a tough call because it's nice to share, but it would be nice if everyone could just concentrate on their own food.
My decorations are all put away now, but I still wanted to show the Anthropologie owl ornament that I bought during the last sale.  I caved and paid full price for the Target lady fox which was too cute.
Last year I fell in love with the J.Crew Hothouse Floral blouse but was disappointed with the price, even when it hit sale.  One year later and J.Crew Factory comes to the rescue with their knock off version.  It is not as nice as the original one, which was made of silk and had a vibrant, richer color.  But I was still happy to get this one.  I could have taken a smaller size, since it looks more like a flowing tunic than a blouse.  I'm glad I can just wear it under a blazer because returns to J.Crew Factory are not as easy as just popping into your local J.Crew.  Being an outlet store makes it less accessible than a typical mall.

Blazer: J.Crew Boyfriend in hot pink from 2012.
Blouse: J.Crew Factory Printed Pleated Top.  
Jeans:  Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.
Pumps: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.
Owl ornament:  Anthropologie Wild  Wisdom.


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