Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cheap Clothes and Lucky Magazine

Lately I have been careful about buying cheap clothes on impulse.  I really have to make a case that I will be wearing the item within the year and not having it become entombed like an Egyptian artifact.  With that said, I really hemmed and hawed over two long sleeve embellished tee shirts on clearance at Target.  In the end, I justified my purchase on the fact that two casual Lands End tees in my closet are in the process of wearing out.  For the low price of $11, I thought it would be OK to buy these to wear casually, even with sweats.                         
The cardigan from Marshalls is a cute over sized bundle of warmth thanks to the wool content.  Along with the grey and camel threading, there is also silver thread that adds some pizazz.  I originally passed on this because it does pill a lot, but after a week or so, I decided to go back to Marshalls and was relieved when it was still there.  I have worn this a lot, especially around the house.  

The February issue of Lucky Magazine has a great article on thrift shopping called "What's Old is New" by Katherine Bernard and to me it is quintessential Lucky.  When she talked about wearing thrifted Ann Taylor to the Met Gala and people thinking her Jones New York is Dries Van Noten, I was hooked!    Katherine Bernard Article          

Cardigan: Berretti from Marshalls.
Tee: Target Xhilaration Embellished Sweatshirt.   
Jeans: Kmart Jaclyn Smith in coral.
Shoes 1: Old Keds.
Shoes 2: Payless Champion in white on clearance for $10.    


  1. That cardigan is so pretty. I loved that article. Very inspiring. She seems to be so grounded and cool. Thank you for sharing! : )


    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed the article. The magazine industry seems to be so out of touch with reality that I find myself turning to blogs more. It was nice to see this article in Lucky since that is one of my favorites. I noticed on your blog that you read Country Living and I subscribe to that one as well. It really should be called Vintage Living.

  2. If I walk away from an item of clothing but am still thinking about it days later, then I feel justified in making the purchase. By then, I will have thought of a lot of ways to wear it. The cardigan looks great. Love the pizzaz! (and your kitty. of course.)

    1. Thank you. There have been many times when I have walked away from items and then regretted it. I think that the people who buy things with the idea of returning them if they change their mind have the right idea.
      I'm glad that you enjoy my kitties, all three of them!



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