Monday, January 6, 2014

Sprinkling Christmas into January

January is my least favorite month.  It must be the combination of my birthday and the cloudy gray haze that just sits there in the sky.  And since I have a second grader, it's back to school for me now too.  Her homework becomes my homework and her girl drama becomes my drama.  One dilemma that seems to be an ongoing problem is treats at lunchtime.  One little scone from Nob Hill creates too much begging from friends, which then results in only three bites for my kid.  It's a tough call because it's nice to share, but it would be nice if everyone could just concentrate on their own food.
My decorations are all put away now, but I still wanted to show the Anthropologie owl ornament that I bought during the last sale.  I caved and paid full price for the Target lady fox which was too cute.
Last year I fell in love with the J.Crew Hothouse Floral blouse but was disappointed with the price, even when it hit sale.  One year later and J.Crew Factory comes to the rescue with their knock off version.  It is not as nice as the original one, which was made of silk and had a vibrant, richer color.  But I was still happy to get this one.  I could have taken a smaller size, since it looks more like a flowing tunic than a blouse.  I'm glad I can just wear it under a blazer because returns to J.Crew Factory are not as easy as just popping into your local J.Crew.  Being an outlet store makes it less accessible than a typical mall.

Blazer: J.Crew Boyfriend in hot pink from 2012.
Blouse: J.Crew Factory Printed Pleated Top.  
Jeans:  Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.
Pumps: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.
Owl ornament:  Anthropologie Wild  Wisdom.


  1. Your ornaments are so cute! I like the baggy look of your blouse, too.

    Ugh. Back to school. Both of my kids conned me tonight. They always, always have to do homework first on school nights before any funtime. But tonight, they promised they did not have a lot of homework. So, funtime first. It s now past 8:30. Guess who is still doing homework with no end in sight? I will not be conned again! : )


    1. Oh, the night before homework is due can be such a pain. In second grade, the homework is given on Monday but not due until Friday, so Thursdays sometimes become a scramble. I should find out when the kids start having homework every night. It may be better, in that homework may not pile up if it is due every day.
      Have fun,



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