Monday, March 31, 2014

Loving Isaac's New Maxi

I rarely seek out Maxi dresses, but when I saw this being presented by Isaac Mizrahi on QVC, I was really impressed with the cut and style.  I originally thought that I needed the petite size because I am only 5 foot 4, but the petites sold out in my size.       
I went ahead and bought the regular size and even though my husband and daughter thought the fit was fine, I was still questioning the sizing.  Because I didn't want to miss out on this dress, I decided to try shrinking it myself.     

I have started washing my special clothes inside out with Woolite in cold water.  I then hang most of the items up to dry, but with this dress, I went ahead and put it in the dryer on lower heat and it shrunk just enough to make me more satisfied with the fit.       

The fun part about this dress is that so many different necklace styles can be worn with it.  I bought this Nolan Miller necklace from QVC for my birthday back in 2011 and was surprised to see that it is still available.      

Dress: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.  Knit Maxi Dress.
Necklace: Nolan Miller from QVC.   Ocean Tides Teal Necklace.
Shoes: Old Banana Republic.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Target Shoe Sale

I was greeted with a nice sale ad for Target in the Sunday paper yesterday.  The buy one pair of shoes, get the other for 50% off, gave me the push to seek out the striped Mossimo Ona flat that had been on my list for months.  I then added the blue pair, which is really more of a teal/ocean blue color.                
It's hard for me to find comfortable shoes, so I have been very happy with the affordable Target Mossimo Ona flat and the Payless American Eagle Avery flats as well.  I also had a great excuse to justify my purchase, in that I had just donated some shoes the Friday before.     

I dug out this old Isaac Mizrahi for Target skirt and could not help thinking how ridiculous it was that I had never worn this cute Lauren Bacall style skirt.  In keeping with the vintage vibe of the skirt, I paired it with a vintage handbag.  I purchased this at a consignment shop about three years ago and the tag reads ADG Vintage Imports. 

Skirt:  Old Isaac Mizrahi for Target.
Top: Synergy owl tee from winter clearance.
Shoes:  Ona flat in Midnight.
Necklace: Older Anthropologie.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Lucky Mistake

I fell in love with Synergy clothing a couple years back when a fellow Kindergarten mom was wearing one of their shirts.  It looked so much like something that you would find in Anthropologie that I had to ask her where she purchased the cute top with birds.   That was the day I discovered Synergy Organic Clothing.  A lot of their items come with cute appliques like the birds shown here and other cute animals/nature scenes.     
Their clothing is snug fitting, which for me, took a little getting used to.  As a cardigan lover, I knew that I wanted to find a nice compliment to these tight dresses.   When I saw the Soubrette cardigan from Anthropologie on sale, I thought this would be a great companion.  It's cream but with some yellow and brown mixed in, which is perfect since I don't want an all cream sweater.  Creams and whites are beautiful, but they just get dirty too easily.       

When the cardigan was on its second markdown, I was over the moon when I grabbed the last extra small.  I knew that there was a possibility that the order would most likely be cancelled, as is usually the case when there are only a few items left.  I lucked out however, and not only received the cardigan, but amazingly it came in, what appeared to be a never removed from package item.        

After opening the bag, I noticed that the price tag had been cut, but that really was no big deal.  I wore the cardigan to my dad's 86th birthday, briefly because it was a warm day.  So far, so good.  The odd part was when I happened to spot the true size of the cardigan the next day and noticed that the tag read size medium. It did seem to fit like a sweater coat but I assumed that was the style.  Anyway, I think it will work and it is much prettier in real life. But that could have easily ended in a disappointment. 

Dress: Synergy.   I pulled this dress out of the bargain bin for $10 but these clothes can be found at ModCloth and their website,
Cardigan:  Anthropologie Soubrette Marled Cardigan by Knitted and Knotted.
Necklace: Bought in an Anthropologie store on sale in 2013.
Shoes:  Old Carlos Santana shoes.  The style name is Sailor and they are painful.  I prefer his music.  

Monday, March 17, 2014

Trusting a Comedian With Fashion

My mother jokingly referred to me as a snob a few years back when I mentioned that I was admiring a ring on the QVC website, but didn't consider it because it was from the Joan Rivers collection.  It had nothing to do with her personally, it just seems like every other celebrity thinks they are a designer.  But what changed my mind on Joan Rivers is her vast knowledge of jewelry.  It's fun to Tivo the QVC Joan Rivers shows and hear the history behind the pieces in her own collection.                    
This is my second flower statement necklace from the Joan Rivers line which I have paired here with  Anthropologie and Isaac Mizrahi.  Pictured with the necklace is the lower inside lining of my Far Away From Close cardigan.  I love how the cardigan hangs lower in the back, adding a bit of charm to an otherwise plain sweater.    

Shirt: Isaac Mizrahi Essential Tee.
Cardigan: Anthropologie Skirted Fisherman from, Far Away From Close, Fall 2012.
Necklace: Joan Rivers Garden Glam from QVC. 
Jeans:  Vera Wang for Kohls.
Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi Ballet flats for QVC.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vintage Clothes and Cat Fights

I am in love with suits and blazers and I have found that the vintage styles fit me nicely.  I used to buy most of my vintage on Ebay and for the most part, never had a problem with the condition of the garments.  I have also had great luck with dry cleaning and have been amazed at how refreshed the clothes turn out.                

The cats have been a great asset to my pictures, but on this day they got into a kerfuffle during my daughter's photo shoot.  Now that we have three cats, there is never a dull moment.      

I love the buttons on this blazer, which provides enough jewelry on its own.  The black skirt was an impulse buy that turned out to be a big positive.  It has a very nice drape, almost like a 40's swing skirt.  I always found it odd that it has a zipper set off to one side in the front.  I guess it's suppose to add a stylish pop, but the skirt does not need it.          

Blazer: Vintage Hanny's from Ebay.
Skirt: Old Banana Republic.
Shoes: Nine West Noire, a few years old.
Earrings: Rachel Zoe for QVC.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Old Blazers and Klondike Costumes

Whenever I find something in my closet that I'm not sure should stay or go, I pair it with an Anthropologie item and see if it can be saved.   Last year I started taking a lot of clothing to the tailor only to wonder later if some of the jackets should have just been donated instead.  Some things looked as if not much had been done.  This particular blazer was not part of the group but I do think it needs tweaking.  But if it's not going to look that much different, I really don't want to be bothered.   

 I was inspired to put on my riding boots and a longer length blazer after seeing the Discovery channels mini series Klondike.  The Gold Rush era has fascinated me ever since I first learned about it in the fourth grade, so it was fun to see a movie that was based on actual people from that time.   I was particularly interested in the savy business woman, Belinda Mulrooney played by Abbie Cornish.  Her costumes reflected a tough edge for dealing with the men, but were paired with feminine colors, like the teal shown in the picture.

Sweater:  J.Crew, old.
Blazer: Ralph Lauren, old.
Necklace: Anthropologie Aerides by Nakamol.
Jeans: Anthropologie AG.
Boots:  Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lady Edith for the Night

I wanted to go for the Downton Abbey look for my daughter's 1920's themed school auction.  I was picturing Lady Mary when I was giving thought to my costume, but ended up Lady Edith once I slipped on a hat that had been buried under a sea of sweaters.  

Although I love Lady Mary's usual dark palette of blues and blacks, I have been even more impressed with the oranges and rusts that Lady Edith tends to wear.

Lady Edith Photo from

Because we have had a lot of rain, I decided to not wear my Miss L Fire shoes in the top photo.  That was a good call since the Capezio shoes looked much better.  The hat was a last minute idea and it saved me a step from having to use my flat iron on my hair.  The necklace has been around for as long as I can remember.  Somewhere along the line it ended up moving from my mom's jewelry box to mine.          

Blouse: Anthropologie Helene top by Maeve.
Skirt: Ann Taylor.  Mid-2000's.
Necklace: Vintage Rhinestones.   
Hat: Anthropologie, about 4 years old?   
Shoes Picture 1:  Anthropologie Fanned Snakeskin Heels from Miss L Fire.  Fall 2012.
Shoes Picture 2:  Capezio character shoes.


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