Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Lucky Mistake

I fell in love with Synergy clothing a couple years back when a fellow Kindergarten mom was wearing one of their shirts.  It looked so much like something that you would find in Anthropologie that I had to ask her where she purchased the cute top with birds.   That was the day I discovered Synergy Organic Clothing.  A lot of their items come with cute appliques like the birds shown here and other cute animals/nature scenes.     
Their clothing is snug fitting, which for me, took a little getting used to.  As a cardigan lover, I knew that I wanted to find a nice compliment to these tight dresses.   When I saw the Soubrette cardigan from Anthropologie on sale, I thought this would be a great companion.  It's cream but with some yellow and brown mixed in, which is perfect since I don't want an all cream sweater.  Creams and whites are beautiful, but they just get dirty too easily.       

When the cardigan was on its second markdown, I was over the moon when I grabbed the last extra small.  I knew that there was a possibility that the order would most likely be cancelled, as is usually the case when there are only a few items left.  I lucked out however, and not only received the cardigan, but amazingly it came in, what appeared to be a never removed from package item.        

After opening the bag, I noticed that the price tag had been cut, but that really was no big deal.  I wore the cardigan to my dad's 86th birthday, briefly because it was a warm day.  So far, so good.  The odd part was when I happened to spot the true size of the cardigan the next day and noticed that the tag read size medium. It did seem to fit like a sweater coat but I assumed that was the style.  Anyway, I think it will work and it is much prettier in real life. But that could have easily ended in a disappointment. 

Dress: Synergy.   I pulled this dress out of the bargain bin for $10 but these clothes can be found at ModCloth and their website,
Cardigan:  Anthropologie Soubrette Marled Cardigan by Knitted and Knotted.
Necklace: Bought in an Anthropologie store on sale in 2013.
Shoes:  Old Carlos Santana shoes.  The style name is Sailor and they are painful.  I prefer his music.  


  1. I also own that cardi and love it, especially the little sequins woven throughout it. It looks great paired with that dress. And I love the bird applique too, It looks so anthro!

    1. Hi Jessica. It was your blog that gave me the idea to check this cardigan out. Sequins are always a bonus, so the more I read about the sweater, the more I knew it would work for me.
      Have a great day,

  2. Oh Stacey! That dress is gorgeous on you! That bird is adorable too. What I love so much is that the dress is sophisticated with the cut and color but the bird adds just the perfect amount of whimsy. Wow. I am going to have to check them out. Thank you!

    1. Hi Cynthia. Thank you for the sweet compliment. I love prints that are nature based. If there is an animal or a flower on a piece of clothing, I'm going to take notice.
      Thank you for stopping by,



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