Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vintage Clothes and Cat Fights

I am in love with suits and blazers and I have found that the vintage styles fit me nicely.  I used to buy most of my vintage on Ebay and for the most part, never had a problem with the condition of the garments.  I have also had great luck with dry cleaning and have been amazed at how refreshed the clothes turn out.                

The cats have been a great asset to my pictures, but on this day they got into a kerfuffle during my daughter's photo shoot.  Now that we have three cats, there is never a dull moment.      

I love the buttons on this blazer, which provides enough jewelry on its own.  The black skirt was an impulse buy that turned out to be a big positive.  It has a very nice drape, almost like a 40's swing skirt.  I always found it odd that it has a zipper set off to one side in the front.  I guess it's suppose to add a stylish pop, but the skirt does not need it.          

Blazer: Vintage Hanny's from Ebay.
Skirt: Old Banana Republic.
Shoes: Nine West Noire, a few years old.
Earrings: Rachel Zoe for QVC.  


  1. Stacey, you look fantastic in blazers. And oh my gosh - those buttons are precious. Would you say they are Art Deco style? I really get a kick out of old labels since they always seem more artistic than the ones we have now.
    Why oh why do cats fight when there are three of them instead of two. They are like middle school girls. So weird.

    1. Thank you for the nice compliment! I'm guessing that the jacket is from the 40's or early 50's, even though the buttons do look Deco. It's in such great shape and the old labels are really fun!
      The cats are an interesting dynamic in that there is cranky Nina who is going on five, sweet fluffy Coraline who is going on four and has been dying for a buddy. Then we brought in Bombay, a male, who is about one and a sweetheart. So now Coraline has her friend and Nina may be a little jealous. Both Nina and Coraline have Siamese in them which give them attitude or as you put it, are like middle school girls.
      Have a great weekend,



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