Thursday, April 24, 2014

Orange Moon

I have been looking forward to wearing this ModCloth skirt but the weather was too cold.  I finally braved it one chilly morning after being inspired by the Blood Moon.
Even though we were tired, my husband and I stepped out to watch the Lunar Eclipse and I found it to be refreshing to be outside.  It was a peaceful night with the frogs chirping in the distance and the two of us just stepping out of the routine of life for a change.              
My take on the moon was that it was not red at all.  If you took this rust orange skirt and rolled it around with some dirt, that is the moon I witnessed.  It was neat to see, but it truly was a dirty orange color. 
I originally thought that I would wear the skirt tucked in as shown in the first picture.  The skirt does come with a belt to finish off the look but I wore the shirt tail out.  I love the skirt but it does feel a little snug even though it has an elastic waist.  The skirt also comes in a forest green but I'm afraid if I size up, the skirt could look too big.    

Some of the customer reviews mentioned that the skirt snags easily, so I was very careful about not putting myself in tricky situations.  I came close at the end of the day while I was reading on the couch next to Dr. Bombay.  Every time he stretched my way I sort of panicked and then I thought this would be a nice accompaniment to go with the skirt story.  Unfortunately my camera flashed since it was late in the day.  It's still a good reminder that this skirt, plus cat, may not mix well.            

Skirt: ModCloth Breathtaking Tiger Lillies Skirt.
Shirt: Anthropologie Here and There tee Turquoise Fox print from 2012.
Cardigan: J.Crew Factory Clare sweater.
Shoes: Old Carlos Santana Flats in the bronze Sailor style.
Necklace: Anthropologie Silva Pendant Fox from Fall 2013.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

After trying these mauve tights out with a few spring dresses, I think they may be better suited for a fall/winter outfit.  I would have preferred bare legs on this one but I have not self tanned yet.  The weather has flipped flopped too much so if I can avoid slathering on the uncomfortable, thick cream, I will wait for the warmer weather.  Maybe there is a smoother tanning cream to be found.              
Our decorations for Easter showed some generational differences.  My eight year old daughter put up one of her Monster High dolls to share time with one of my Barbies.            

Dress: Erin Fetherston for Target.  Bunny dress from 2007.
Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie in neon pink. Older.
Shoes: Talbots Carlee pumps in pink patent leather, a few years old.
Necklace: Forever 21, two years old.    

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Preppy Gone Boho Rebel

I shoplifted from Goodwill today.  Technically for about 3 minutes or so I was, to coin a phrase from Judas Priest, breaking the law.  If I had been caught, the local paper would have read, "Rebel mom shoplifts from Goodwill.  Blames it on a beetle.  Rock and Roll paraphernalia and caffeine found in car."   
While going through dresses on a rack, a young lady grimaced and told me there was a bug on one of the dresses.  Her reaction made me think that she had seen a cockroach and after asking her if my thought was correct, she pulled out said dress to reveal a black stink bug.  They don't really bother me so after noticing that the employee was busy, I took it upon myself to set her outside. Funny that my first reaction was to call the bug a him, when it may have been a she and she did not want to leave this dress.         
So my shoplifting time was ticking away on the clock because she would not crawl away on the leaves I offered her.  This was the thanks I got for walking farther away from the store instead of flicking her off into the street.  It all was a win win in the end.  The pretty lady who looked like a cross between Kristen Bell and Bridgit Mendler got her dress.  Beetle got a new home and I scored two necklaces. The necklaces are not signed pieces but for $5 and $3, you can't go wrong.
Since I felt like a rebel today and was dressed in old jeans and a boho top, it was fitting to pull out my Alanis Morissette CD from the grunge 90's.   

Blouse: Gap about two years old.
Jeans: Old Kmart Route 66.
Shoes: Old Payless leopard flats.
Necklace: Goodwill.
Handbag:  Vintage Enid Collins Owl from Ebay.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ballerina Delight

 These last two months I have had some luck on Ebay locating some dresses that have been on my  wish list for some time.  The best part is, both dresses were under $100.  In March, it was a much sought after Tory Burch and now in April, it is the Laurence Maheo Bourgeois dress that was originally sold in Anthropologie back in 2012.        
 This dress had so many critiques about fit that even when it hit sale, because it was online only, I avoided it.  But the print is beautiful and something you only find in designers like Carolina Herrera so I did always regret not giving it a try when the price came crashing down.  I was surprised when on a whim, I typed the name of the dress on Ebay and it popped up with a make an offer option.    
As expected, it is a funny fit, but from the descriptions of the measurements I thought it could work for me and it does.  While on the subject of fit, because I had not straightened my hair, I decided to put it up for the picture, but could not reach behind my head to pop in a clip.  It does have its quirks.
 Although I have yet to wear it out, I paired it with mauve tights and boots for a quick picture.  When the time comes, I think it would be better to go bare legged with some fake tanner and it really does need a belt.                          
 While antiquing two weeks ago I came upon this lovely purple bracelet.  Because it was only the first of the month and I was already over budget shopping wise, I held off.  I did the right thing by walking away to think about it but now my thoughts keep traveling back to the art deco looking piece.  One of the employees said that the seller could take 10% off which would bring it down to $80.  They did not know the age of the piece but said that it was originally purchased in Georgia.                         

Dress: Anthropologie Bourgeois dress from L.P.O by Laurence Maheo from 2012.
Boots: Kathy Van Zeeland from QVC.
Tights: Vera Wang for Kohls.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blurry Photos and Fallen Rhinestones

 With time ticking too fast, my daughter took a quick blurry photo before we rushed out the door to make it to school on time.  This is quite fitting since I have felt a little off this week, like I'm on a rocking boat.  Which leads me to one of my pet peeves about current TV shows.  I cannot stand this artistic flair that the camera people unload on us.  I guess they think they are being creative when they film certain scenes in a wobbly fashion.  Whether it's a drama or a reality show, I wish they would stop making me dizzy and just film without jerky movements.                   
 On a lighter note, I purchased this necklace from J.Crew Factory in the fall and right away I noticed that a blue rhinestone had fallen out.  Rather than make an exchange, I just kept it knowing that it was a great price.  This is the Factory version of the fancy necklace that J.Crew had the previous year.   I was able to snag the original one in clear, but had really wanted the multi color.  So when the Factory version came out, I was happy to buy it when it hit sale. 

I guess I can date this Target Blazer by mentioning what inspired me to buy it.  I was watching an episode of Gilmore Girls and saw the character Paris Geller wearing a similar jacket with the 80's style gathering at the shoulder area.  It looked so cute that I began searching for one until I lucked out at Target.       

Blazer: Old Target Mossimo.
Jeans: Vera Wang for Kohls.
Necklace: J.Crew Factory from Fall 2013.
Shirt: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC. Essentials Long Sleeve Tee
Shoes: Old Carlos Santana Flats. Sailor Style.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekend Plaid

 I have been wanting to wear this collegiate looking outfit for a while so this past weekend I took advantage of the cool weather and wore it out on a family outing.  Once again this was an article of clothing with the tags still on that left me wondering why I had waited so long.  I'm going to have to get creative and organize my closet.               

 On a recent walk I spotted one of these home libraries that some people are putting in their front yards.  The idea is anyone is welcome to take a book but they ask that you leave one in its place.  It's  a great idea and adds charm to the garden.  It would be nice to do one for the kids in the neighborhood and stock it with some classic and fun children's books.      
I bought this necklace from ModCloth with this outfit in mind so I was careful not to have it be an impulse buy.  The same goes for the fox cookie jar that I picked up from Target.  I saw it a few months back and recently decided that I could place it in my living room.  As long as I have a place for it, I could go for it.           

Blazer: J.Crew Factory from fall 2012.
Jeans: Anthropologie AG cropped.
Necklace: ModCloth Sense of Earth Necklace.
Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.  Suede Ballet Flat
Shirt: Isaac Mizrahi Long Sleeve Tee for QVC.


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