Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blurry Photos and Fallen Rhinestones

 With time ticking too fast, my daughter took a quick blurry photo before we rushed out the door to make it to school on time.  This is quite fitting since I have felt a little off this week, like I'm on a rocking boat.  Which leads me to one of my pet peeves about current TV shows.  I cannot stand this artistic flair that the camera people unload on us.  I guess they think they are being creative when they film certain scenes in a wobbly fashion.  Whether it's a drama or a reality show, I wish they would stop making me dizzy and just film without jerky movements.                   
 On a lighter note, I purchased this necklace from J.Crew Factory in the fall and right away I noticed that a blue rhinestone had fallen out.  Rather than make an exchange, I just kept it knowing that it was a great price.  This is the Factory version of the fancy necklace that J.Crew had the previous year.   I was able to snag the original one in clear, but had really wanted the multi color.  So when the Factory version came out, I was happy to buy it when it hit sale. 

I guess I can date this Target Blazer by mentioning what inspired me to buy it.  I was watching an episode of Gilmore Girls and saw the character Paris Geller wearing a similar jacket with the 80's style gathering at the shoulder area.  It looked so cute that I began searching for one until I lucked out at Target.       

Blazer: Old Target Mossimo.
Jeans: Vera Wang for Kohls.
Necklace: J.Crew Factory from Fall 2013.
Shirt: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC. Essentials Long Sleeve Tee
Shoes: Old Carlos Santana Flats. Sailor Style.


  1. Is this blazer olive green or gray? It looks green in the first photo, but the rest look gray. I know you wanted to try the green and hot pink color combo, and this would be a perfect look to do it! The statement necklace would pull everything together perfectly. What a great find at the factory outlet! You have a ton of colors to work with using that necklace. You could have such fun putting together color-coordinated outfits. This look is fun and casual but still really polished and chic!

    <3 Liz

    1. The blazer is a true gray but I see what you mean about the first picture. It kind of looks like a loden green and that would have worked with the hot pink.
      J.Crew Factory is fun but the stores are hard to find. Most of my purchases from them are through their website. I love that they do knock offs of their own merchandise.
      Thanks for visiting and have a great Friday,

  2. Love the pink! It is so on trend right now! I am going to have to put my hot pink shirt with my gray blazer. Love the color combo. And I am with you on the wobbly camera thing. It makes me feel sea-sick!

    1. I have always loved pink and gray together. And that goes for all shades of pink.
      Sea-sick is the perfect way to describe it. I would like to know if the camera people are aware of how annoying this is.
      Have a nice Monday,

  3. Your home looks beautiful. I like that necklace a lot too, though it seems it might be a bit difficult to match.

    7% Solution

    1. Thank you so much. My house is a work in progress and it still has a way to go.
      The necklace is a fun costume piece with a lot of greens and blues. I just hope that no more stones fall out.
      Have a great day,



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