Thursday, April 24, 2014

Orange Moon

I have been looking forward to wearing this ModCloth skirt but the weather was too cold.  I finally braved it one chilly morning after being inspired by the Blood Moon.
Even though we were tired, my husband and I stepped out to watch the Lunar Eclipse and I found it to be refreshing to be outside.  It was a peaceful night with the frogs chirping in the distance and the two of us just stepping out of the routine of life for a change.              
My take on the moon was that it was not red at all.  If you took this rust orange skirt and rolled it around with some dirt, that is the moon I witnessed.  It was neat to see, but it truly was a dirty orange color. 
I originally thought that I would wear the skirt tucked in as shown in the first picture.  The skirt does come with a belt to finish off the look but I wore the shirt tail out.  I love the skirt but it does feel a little snug even though it has an elastic waist.  The skirt also comes in a forest green but I'm afraid if I size up, the skirt could look too big.    

Some of the customer reviews mentioned that the skirt snags easily, so I was very careful about not putting myself in tricky situations.  I came close at the end of the day while I was reading on the couch next to Dr. Bombay.  Every time he stretched my way I sort of panicked and then I thought this would be a nice accompaniment to go with the skirt story.  Unfortunately my camera flashed since it was late in the day.  It's still a good reminder that this skirt, plus cat, may not mix well.            

Skirt: ModCloth Breathtaking Tiger Lillies Skirt.
Shirt: Anthropologie Here and There tee Turquoise Fox print from 2012.
Cardigan: J.Crew Factory Clare sweater.
Shoes: Old Carlos Santana Flats in the bronze Sailor style.
Necklace: Anthropologie Silva Pendant Fox from Fall 2013.


  1. love your critter tee! And it looks perfect with that orange skirt!

    1. Thank you Jessica. I love the Anthropologie themed tees and wish that they would do more. I like the whale and fruit one that they came out with this year.
      Thanks for visiting,

  2. I love that your outfit was inspired by the Blood Moon! We stayed up to watch it too and it was so neat! Those kitty claws near your easily snagged skirt is scaring me. I have so many clothes that are kitty cat snagged! LOL

    1. Thank you Cynthia. I'm going to blog about a bad kitty snag incident soon. Luckily he did not snag the ModCloth skirt, but it was funny how he kept stretching my way, as cats usually do.
      Enjoy your Saturday,

  3. I love this outfit. You look great! I have the complete top half. Or rather, the fox shirt and fox necklace. I love that skirt. That picture of your kitty laying on it is so cute. We used to have a cat, so I know exactly what you mean. I forget all about the snags in clothing. I am glad your skirt was saved.

    We stayed up for the blood moon, too. I agree. It was a dirty orange. We had the whole family get up to see it. It was a gorgeous night to do so. I am looking forward to more nights like that in the summer, with a regular old moon!


  4. Thank you Jenni. I remember you saying that you have the necklace and I think it's such a fun one.
    I look forward to the warm nights too when it's more comfortable to stay outside to moon watch. Maybe add some toasted marshmallows to the fun.
    Have a great weekend,



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