Thursday, April 17, 2014

Preppy Gone Boho Rebel

I shoplifted from Goodwill today.  Technically for about 3 minutes or so I was, to coin a phrase from Judas Priest, breaking the law.  If I had been caught, the local paper would have read, "Rebel mom shoplifts from Goodwill.  Blames it on a beetle.  Rock and Roll paraphernalia and caffeine found in car."   
While going through dresses on a rack, a young lady grimaced and told me there was a bug on one of the dresses.  Her reaction made me think that she had seen a cockroach and after asking her if my thought was correct, she pulled out said dress to reveal a black stink bug.  They don't really bother me so after noticing that the employee was busy, I took it upon myself to set her outside. Funny that my first reaction was to call the bug a him, when it may have been a she and she did not want to leave this dress.         
So my shoplifting time was ticking away on the clock because she would not crawl away on the leaves I offered her.  This was the thanks I got for walking farther away from the store instead of flicking her off into the street.  It all was a win win in the end.  The pretty lady who looked like a cross between Kristen Bell and Bridgit Mendler got her dress.  Beetle got a new home and I scored two necklaces. The necklaces are not signed pieces but for $5 and $3, you can't go wrong.
Since I felt like a rebel today and was dressed in old jeans and a boho top, it was fitting to pull out my Alanis Morissette CD from the grunge 90's.   

Blouse: Gap about two years old.
Jeans: Old Kmart Route 66.
Shoes: Old Payless leopard flats.
Necklace: Goodwill.
Handbag:  Vintage Enid Collins Owl from Ebay.


  1. I have You Oughta Know in my head now. Love Alanis!
    Great black boho top and what a super cute owl tote!
    Ya know - that stink bug probably was a girl since it liked a pretty dress but I always think of yucky bugs as male. Especially stink bugs. She should be very grateful that she was saved and not smashed!

    1. I had not listened to her for a long time and then just felt in the mood to revisit her. As far as female rockers go I prefer Pat Benatar and Blondie but this was a nice change.
      Have a nice evening,

  2. I love that whole outfit! And you are so brave! I would have been scared of that bug! A stinkbug once attacked our childhood cat and I will never forget the way it reared up on two legs and the face it made!

    Great score on the necklaces!


    1. I have never seen these bugs stand up like that before. How creepy. I was careful not to let the bug close enough to bite me.
      Thank you for the compliment on the outfit. The Gap shirt was inspired by one of Peggy's, "She Hath Done What She Could," blog. I saw her wearing the white one a few years back and the green one was all I could find in one size larger than my regular size. I have tried to shrink it, but it will not budge. It's still comfortable on warmer days.
      Have a nice day,



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