Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cost Plus Mishap

This Massey Tweed jacket by Isani was more of a challenge for me than expected.  I originally thought that I would wear a pink tee underneath, but it looked way off.  I asked my daughter what the problem was and she said that I needed a dark blue color with it.  I was skeptical, but found that it was a big improvement.  This was my only Anthropologie purchase for this month and I scored it on an "as is" price because it was missing some stones.           
Cost Plus is one of those stores that you can just get lost in.  I'm always finding items that remind me of Anthropologie, like this pretty necklace for $25.         

If you look closely, you can see that this pie owl is broken.  I was trying to capture a cool blog photo of the cute owl collection at Cost Plus when, bump, slip and crash went the owl.  I don't know what it is about breaking items in a store that leaves me feeling like I just broke the law.  My daughter was even willing to take the blame for me, since she is more outgoing than I am.  That was really sweet of her, but I told her that I had to be honest and let the salesperson know.  In the end, the nice man who checked us out just set the broken owl aside and I wasn't charged for it.                 

I'm trying to have more blog photos taken in different locations to change things up a bit.  The result of this one says, "I know that I am being watched and I feel like a narcissistic dork."  This was taken at my daughter's Spring Sing and each grade level from first through fifth, showcase what they have learned in music class all year.               

Jacket: Anthropologie Massey Tweed by Isani.
Shirt: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC in navy.  Essentials Crew Neck Tee
Jeans: Anthropologie AG cropped jeans. 
Shoes: Payless flats.
Necklace: Cost Plus.  Turquoise and Coral Facet.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crazy Fun House

I had to find the funny in my crankiness.  I have to admit it was a selfish cranky in that I did not want to get up early on a Sunday morning and schlep my daughter to a birthday party about 40 minutes out of town.  And to top it off, it was held in a goofy fun house.  The high point was Skee Ball, something I hadn't played in years.  Low point, grinning and bearing it when the kids climbed through germ pits, I mean tunnels.   Check out those wild and crazy horses behind me.           

The weather was not warm enough for summer attire, so I played it safe by wearing an older Anthro button down.  The individual party rooms were hot and stuffy, so the thin cotton was a welcome relief.  The room was also noisier than your average party, as the party chaperone assigned to us encouraged the kids to yell loudly from time to time.  I would be engrossed in conversation with another parent, when all of a sudden, the kids would be yelling at the top of their lungs, "Happy Birthday!"                                   
Putting cute owls before goofy dragons, I spotted these cookie jars in Cost Plus this past weekend.  The two on the right are sold as a set for $25.98 and the Aqua one is $12.99.  That little pie bird/owl in the box bit the dust while I was doing some rearranging for this photo.  My first casualty of blogging.          

I just had to add the wacky dragon picture, even though the quality is not the best.  I think dragons are cute, but during the party I kept thinking, most of these kids are eight, with three weeks of second grade left.  Really?               

Shirt: Anthropologie Hanalei by HD in Paris. Older.
Skirt: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC denim skirt. Older.  
Belt:  Gap older belt in gold.
Shoes: Lands End Gatas from last year.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Vintage Golf Skirts

For people who enjoy cute prints on their clothing, one great option is vintage golf skirts.  I discovered them on Ebay about ten years ago when I was looking for a particular print and my search led me to golfing attire.   This cat skirt is by Swing Time and I'm guessing it's from the 70's. 

I bought this Jaclyn Smith for Kmart necklace a few years back and paired the two to polish off the  preppy look.
The green espadrilles had been lost in my closet for the longest time but were found after a big shoe organization undertaking.  I still need to finish the high heel portion, but the flats are done.  I have put like colors all together instead of grouping by brand.  If I need a pink flat, boom there they are.                

Try not to get dizzy while viewing the cute vintage tag.  My clothing tag pictures always seem to turn out blurry after I upload.  At least we can still see the cute little golfer logo.         

Shirt:  Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.
Skirt:  Vintage Swing Time.
Necklace: Jaclyn Smith for Kmart. Older.
Shoes:  Talbots green leather espadrilles.  About five years old.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Los Gatos Dreaming

 Here I am strolling in one of the cutest California towns.  Los Gatos is a dream and in this picture I am in front of my favorite vintage house, having just walked about two blocks from Anthropologie.  How cool would that be, to be able to just mosey on down to Anthropologie and J.Crew along with a few other fun stores.  The town even has a cute bakery that sells delicious frosted cookies and pies.             
 Wrapped up in Anthro paper is the Massey Tweed jacket by Isani that I bought "As Is" because it was missing a few beads in the back.  Los Gatos has now joined other cities with a bag ban, so I can't have a complimentary paper bag, but I can have free paper, as long as it's not in the shape of a bag.  Because we all know that a big wad of loose paper is better than a bag made of paper.       

With the nautical trend going strong this spring, Jaclyn Smith for Kmart has added cute blue crabs to her button down shirts this season.  I think they look nice over skinny jeans or tucked into a denim skirt.  I own her owl shirt from the fall and they are just cute, affordable tops to have around for when you want to keep it casual.       

Dress: Isaac Mizrahi dress for QVC.  A few years old.
Belt:  Target.
Necklace: Anthropologie older.
Shoes: Target Mossimo Ona flat in blue. 
Handbag:  Isaac Mizrahi for QVC score from Marshalls a few years back.  Including dust cover.
Shirt:  Jaclyn Smith for Kmart Crab Print Utility Shirt.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Artichokes and Steinbeck

Wind is not a Blogger's friend.  Sometimes reality just gets in the way and large gusts of wind will mess your hair and cause your face to grimace.  The idea of being in a cute dress and heels in front of a huge artichoke is not going to happen.    This makes me wonder how all of the blogger's that look like models in a fashion magazine, avoid wind, painful shoes while walking down a cute street and the blazing sun shining on the landmark you want to have as a backdrop.                 
On a positive note, while standing next to the statue of John Steinbeck at Cannery Row in Monterey, I am clutching bags of Ghirardelli Chocolate and have even more bags weighing down my purse. 
As if great chocolate wasn't enough, it's always fun to stop at the Giant Artichoke restaurant in Castroville to pick up fried artichoke hearts.  

I maintained self control and did not buy these necklaces at Target, but they are very cute for the price.  I like the little ladybug and frog on the pink toned necklace.  The burlap background is from a handbag I found in the accessories department for my background.             

Cardigan: Anthropologie Far Away From Close Skirted Fisherman. Purchased last winter on sale. 
Necklace: Anthropologie Ampay. Spring 2012.
Jeans: Vera Wang for Kohls boyfriend style.  A few years old.
Shoes: Reebok.  Older.
Tee:  Isaac Mizrahi long sleeve tee.  Essential Long Sleeve.  


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