Monday, May 5, 2014

Artichokes and Steinbeck

Wind is not a Blogger's friend.  Sometimes reality just gets in the way and large gusts of wind will mess your hair and cause your face to grimace.  The idea of being in a cute dress and heels in front of a huge artichoke is not going to happen.    This makes me wonder how all of the blogger's that look like models in a fashion magazine, avoid wind, painful shoes while walking down a cute street and the blazing sun shining on the landmark you want to have as a backdrop.                 
On a positive note, while standing next to the statue of John Steinbeck at Cannery Row in Monterey, I am clutching bags of Ghirardelli Chocolate and have even more bags weighing down my purse. 
As if great chocolate wasn't enough, it's always fun to stop at the Giant Artichoke restaurant in Castroville to pick up fried artichoke hearts.  

I maintained self control and did not buy these necklaces at Target, but they are very cute for the price.  I like the little ladybug and frog on the pink toned necklace.  The burlap background is from a handbag I found in the accessories department for my background.             

Cardigan: Anthropologie Far Away From Close Skirted Fisherman. Purchased last winter on sale. 
Necklace: Anthropologie Ampay. Spring 2012.
Jeans: Vera Wang for Kohls boyfriend style.  A few years old.
Shoes: Reebok.  Older.
Tee:  Isaac Mizrahi long sleeve tee.  Essential Long Sleeve.  


  1. Oh man! I agree with you. Wind sucks. Unless it is just right. Then maxi skirts look great! I don't know how models do it. I need to be comfortable. I like your necklace and I love your chocolate in your hands AND in your bags! That's my kind of girl! : )

    I really like the blue necklace because of the symmetrical bees. I always have trouble resisting Target!


    1. Oh, I came close to buying the necklaces because they were so cheap but I have to remind myself, that is not a reason to buy.
      Rather than get frustrated, I have to go with what ever happens in blogging and if there is wind, oh well.
      Ghirardelli is one of my favorite chocolates so when we are in Monterey, Ca. I make a point of going there. It's just down the street from the Aquarium.
      Have a great day,

  2. Mmmmm... fried artichokes sound amazing. And that giant artichoke is too awesome.
    The wind drives me crazy. I try to go outside to take a photo but usually in 3 seconds from leaving my front door the wind blows and I go back inside. I have no idea how bloggers take such perfect pictures outside. No idea. But now I want my photo in front of a giant artichoke. Too awesome!

  3. The artichokes are really good and we buy bags of them to keep in the freezer.
    I'm guessing that a lot of blog pictures are taken with better cameras than just the I Phone. Some blogger's have professional photographers, like Courtney Kerr from the Bravo TV show. I don't know if you caught that show or not but it was fun. My favorite episode is when she visits her Grandmother's house and goes into her closet. I fell in love with one of her sequin dresses that looked like it could have been from the 70's.
    Have a great day,

    1. I saw a couple episode of it. I wish I would have seen the one with her Grandmother. I will try to get it online!



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