Monday, June 30, 2014

Ann B Davis Style

Tennis shoes and skirts have always reminded me of Alice from the Brady Bunch.   Although Alice was a funny and beloved character, she was not really a fashion icon.  When I came upon some old Keds I wondered if I could pull off the pencil skirt and sporty shoe together.  Or would the outfit look too Ann B Davis?
I then started noticing the trend of wearing athletic shoes and sneakers with different outfits.  This  made the skirt with sneaker more palatable.  After pairing the necklace with my pencil skirt/tennis shoe ensemble, I knew a nicer shoe would look better, but for running errands I would feel too over dressed.  So I have decided to embrace this shoe trend and at the same time, a little Ann B Davis style.                      

Skirt: Target Merona pencil skirt in polka dot from last year.
Shirt:  Isaac Mizrahi cotton tee for QVC.
Necklace: J.Crew Factory from last year.  Similar: Crystal Sunburst Necklace. 
Shoes: Old Keds. 
Handbag: Isaac Mizrahi from Marshalls, about two years ago.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Saving a Boring Skirt

While going through a stack of my least favorite skirts, the ones that are not worthy of hangers, I came upon this green preppy one that I still love.  It is even making its second appearance on this blog because you can dress it with so many tops.    
This is a jean skirt style reminiscent of the 80's and has the potential to be on the dork side.  It's so old I don't even remember when I bought it but the tag reads Chadwicks.  I remember the catalog from years ago and a quick search revealed that they have a website with fun preppy clothes.                 
I bought this floral blouse from Marshalls about three years ago on impulse.  The print and style reminded me of Anthropologie which is the main reason I bought it.  At the time I didn't seem to care that it is a stiffer polyester and therefore not the most comfortable.          
On the positive note on this blouse, it does add a little cute factor to the potentially boring skirt.  It never hurts to have Coraline the cat enhance the outfits too.   

Blouse: Old Antilia Femme, from Marshalls. 
Skirt: Old Chadwicks of Boston.  Similar, only pencil style with white dots.  Dot Print Denim
Necklace: J.Crew Factory from last year.
Belt:  Old Anthropologie fabric belt.
Shoes: Target Mossimo Ona flat.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Playing Dress Up in Anthropologie

I think those of us who take dressing room photos are brave souls, at least in this situation.  The lighting is awful for picture taking, not to mention the challenge of holding an I Phone steady while trying to strike a decent pose.   
This Arcata Dress by Weston Wear got a blurry picture, but the dress itself is surprisingly comfortable.  The top has a nice stretch so I went for my regular t-shirt size of small.  I wish listed this one, but it's not number one on my list.     

I have seen some bloggers just focus on the outfit, while leaving out a head shot.  This would eliminate the awkward question of, "Should I smile?  Look into the camera?"   
A lot of times I seem to be between sizes and the 50's style Rhododendron dress is a good example of this.  The picture above is a size 4 and the one below is a 2.  The 4 is more comfortable so I have wish listed this size.  Because this is hot pink and one of my favorite silhouettes, I can't wait for it to hit sale.           
I have been in love with Maxi dresses lately and I have also enjoyed Megan Draper's style in Mad  Men.  The green print reminds me of the early 70's maxi dresses that the character has been wearing in the current season.  
This dress is comfortable and very pretty but I wish the shoulder area was more of a traditional sheath style.  It reveals more of the shoulder area which means you need a special bra.  I really don't want to have to go bra shopping for this dress.  It is so lovely that if it gets marked way down, I may go for it or I could just hold out for another Megan Draper dress to come along.  But oh, the print is gorgeous!                    


Dress No.1: Arcata Dress by Weston Wear.
Dress No 2: Rhododendron Dress by Moulinette Soeurs.

Dress No 3: Maravilla Maxi Dress by Maeve in green.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Kitty Cat Blouse

This blouse had been on my ModCloth wish list for a long time and because of some reviews, I was afraid to make the purchase.  When I did finally make the leap, I was glad I did, despite a few annoyances. It is a bit of an armpit hugger on me, especially while driving or raising my arms.  I'm willing to forgive this because it's so cute

I like the idea of bringing out the teal cats, so I wore it once with the Anthropologie Aerides necklace and on another occasion, the older Anthro Fire and Firmament necklace.  Since the blouse is mostly orange with a sprinkling of teal kitty cats, this necklace is mostly orange with a few blue beads added.     

Blouse: ModCloth Kitten Pretty Top. 
Jeans: Anthropologie AG in Sulfur Abyss from Fall 2013.  Navy version for Spring 2014,
AG Ankle Sateen.   
Floral Necklace: Anthropologie Aerides by Nakamol.  Website is showing the brown.  
Bead Necklace: Anthropologie Fire and Firmament from Fall 2012.  
Shoes: Target Ona flat in blue.

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Friday the 13th Edition

This morning I got my usual e-mails from stores and Banana Republic's stood out.  A group of pictures popped up on their sight, one of which was a black cat.  At first it did not register until I realized that they are having a 39% off for Friday the 13th.  Not only was I reminded of the spooky date, but I remembered that there is to be a full moon tonight as well.  So I wanted to celebrate this day with a Dr. Bombay theme.         
Dr. Bombay was adopted this past Halloween and named after the warlock or man witch from the TV show Bewitched.  He is the sweetest kitty, so it's hard to get mad when he adds character to my things.  He especially has a strong penchant for deconstructing clothing.  Even though he gently touched this orange skirt from ModCloth, it still left a snagged impression.         
Where ever there's a corner, he will find it.  Books should be pushed far away from the edges of tables or he will chew.  I now have teeth marks in my journal after he took a chomp. 
What can I say about his need to re-work and add a new style to a silk dress from Anthropologie?  The good news about this Moulinette Soeurs dress, is that it came from a consignment shop and only cost $28.  Notice how he was able to pull the thread to unravel in such a way as to make the silk bunch up into a ball.  I now have a dress with a partial bubble skirt.        
In all fairness, these curtains from Pottery Barn are old and are made of silk shantung, which looks snagged already.  But his stretching did leave quite a claw mark.
So enjoy your Friday and full moon tonight!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Preppy Whales at Target

I was trying to be a good shopper by avoiding impulse buys in the month of May, when I was presented with whales in Target.  You don't get more preppy than whales, so I allowed myself one piece.  I chose the cardigan that has one of my favorite color combinations of navy and green.     
Then after a few weeks on another trek to Target, I caved and decided to purchase the button down.  This shirt has navy with pink, another favorite color combo, making it another hard one to resist.     

Cardigan: Merona for Target whale print.   3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan. 
Shirt: Merona for Target whale print.   Could not link to button down but here is the Pop Over link.
Popover shirt.
Pink jeans: Mossimo skinny jeans about two years old.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Lazy Blogging

Lately I have witnessed some fun photo opportunities but have been too lazy to rush over for a quick picture.  Instead of me posed in front of this Book Fair sign, for example, I could have been posing with Clifford the Big Red Dog.  Someone in the costume was walking around the night of the school Open House, and I hesitated because I just really had had enough of the over stimulation of so many parents and kids mulling about.      

The other character we saw recently after shopping at the Farmer's Market was Spider-Man.  We assumed that a kid was having a Spider-Man themed party at the park and that explained the super hero hiking in that direction.  Both times I exclaimed, "Oh, I should get a picture for my blog!"  Only to stop quickly with the feeling that, I really don't want to ask for a picture and then explain that, "I have a mom fashion blog and is it OK if I post your picture on it?"     

I certainly don't want blogging to become so much a part of my life that, every event or outing becomes a photo opportunity.  I think that good blogging does require a good amount of hustling and stick-to-itiveness and also at times, the honesty to be able to mention the lack of motivation to always have a perfect blog.  The reality is, some days you just don't feel like chasing down Clifford or Spider-Man.          

So, having a picture in front of a Book Fair sign is OK and part of my reality as an elementary school mom.  And to add some fashion touches is a J.Crew Factory pencil skirt and Anthropologie necklace I purchased earlier in the year.
The second picture of me is basically an excuse to show off Coraline the kitty.  The long sleeved top with this skirt looked too frumpy and didn't work as well. 

Necklace: Anthropologie Garden Vignette purchased in January of this year.
Skirt: J.Crew Factory pencil floral skirt.
Shirt: Old Victoria's Secret.
Shoes: Lands End Gatas Canvas Slip On. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Old Target Clothing

 This is me having fun with my daughter in Toy R Us.  Sometimes we find goofy stuff and snap pictures for my Blog.  Hello Kitty is one big goofy character, but she is so cute you can't dislike her.

 I want Target to bring pretty back.  This top is by Merona and was part of a collection that they did around 2008?  I wish I could find a better archive online to get the exact date.  This is one of the reasons I try to date my outfits, as a kind of archive library of sorts.
 The collection was very heavy on floral prints that were reminiscent of the 50's.  This sleeveless top I'm wearing has a zipper in the back, giving it more of a vintage feel.         
 There is a cute flock of Owls at Marshalls that can be used indoors or as outdoor garden art.  I like the vintage looking greenish brown one on the left.  Luckily no owls were knocked down and harmed in the picture taking process.

 One thing I have noticed about Marshalls, is that they are top heavy.  There are many shirts, tees, tanks and blouses with a little sprinkling of dresses, jeans, housewares, shoes and a smidgen of skirts.
So I think of it as, basically a shirt store.         
One cute, very preppy shirt that I found was a group of gingham Ralph Lauren button downs.  The color of this aqua check is more vibrant in real life and there was also a hot pink one.  I resisted the urge to buy one since I have, like Marshalls, more than enough tops.  

Shirt:  Old Target Merona.
Jeans:  Liz Claiborne Jackie jean by Isaac Mizrahi, purchased at Ross.  Isaac Mizrahi designed for Liz Claiborne for only one year in 2009.
Cardigan:  J.Crew Factory grey cardigan.  The Clare, very similar to the J.Crew Jackie. 
Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.  Pink flats.


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