Friday, June 13, 2014

A Friday the 13th Edition

This morning I got my usual e-mails from stores and Banana Republic's stood out.  A group of pictures popped up on their sight, one of which was a black cat.  At first it did not register until I realized that they are having a 39% off for Friday the 13th.  Not only was I reminded of the spooky date, but I remembered that there is to be a full moon tonight as well.  So I wanted to celebrate this day with a Dr. Bombay theme.         
Dr. Bombay was adopted this past Halloween and named after the warlock or man witch from the TV show Bewitched.  He is the sweetest kitty, so it's hard to get mad when he adds character to my things.  He especially has a strong penchant for deconstructing clothing.  Even though he gently touched this orange skirt from ModCloth, it still left a snagged impression.         
Where ever there's a corner, he will find it.  Books should be pushed far away from the edges of tables or he will chew.  I now have teeth marks in my journal after he took a chomp. 
What can I say about his need to re-work and add a new style to a silk dress from Anthropologie?  The good news about this Moulinette Soeurs dress, is that it came from a consignment shop and only cost $28.  Notice how he was able to pull the thread to unravel in such a way as to make the silk bunch up into a ball.  I now have a dress with a partial bubble skirt.        
In all fairness, these curtains from Pottery Barn are old and are made of silk shantung, which looks snagged already.  But his stretching did leave quite a claw mark.
So enjoy your Friday and full moon tonight!


  1. Oh man. I can relate. I don't have snags, but I finally managed to do three suitcases full of laundry. I left the clean clothes suitcase for last. All I had to do was put the clothes from it away. I woke up to Ollie having made his bed in it. Dog drool and hair everywhere! A lot has to be dry cleaned only.


    They are so worth it, though.

    Dr. Bombay is gorgeous. Seriously, he looks like a masculine prince of cats, you know? I will always have a soft spot for black kitties as we had to put ours down six years ago. Enjoy your prince!


    1. Oh nooo! That is too bad that Ollie had to go on the clothes that have to be dry cleaned. Is there anyway to wash in cold with Woolite and hang dry? I have been doing this a lot. Hopefully there were some items at the bottom of the suitcase that were protected.
      Animals love boxes and if there is clothing, that is a bonus. I think they like to feel protected in a little nest.
      Bombay is my first black cat and he is a sweetie.
      Have a nice Monday,

  2. Dr. Bombay has mad skills. I showed Marcy his handiwork and she is quite impressed with his improvements on the existing designs. In fact, she would like to team up with him as she thinks they could do quite a lot of damage - I mean art -together.

    1. I'm so glad that Bombay has passed the strict Marcy test! She raises the bar super high, so I will pass along the compliment. Bombay likes all cats and can put up with the cranky ones. I think he learned to adapt by being in the shelter so long.
      Have a great day,



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