Monday, June 30, 2014

Ann B Davis Style

Tennis shoes and skirts have always reminded me of Alice from the Brady Bunch.   Although Alice was a funny and beloved character, she was not really a fashion icon.  When I came upon some old Keds I wondered if I could pull off the pencil skirt and sporty shoe together.  Or would the outfit look too Ann B Davis?
I then started noticing the trend of wearing athletic shoes and sneakers with different outfits.  This  made the skirt with sneaker more palatable.  After pairing the necklace with my pencil skirt/tennis shoe ensemble, I knew a nicer shoe would look better, but for running errands I would feel too over dressed.  So I have decided to embrace this shoe trend and at the same time, a little Ann B Davis style.                      

Skirt: Target Merona pencil skirt in polka dot from last year.
Shirt:  Isaac Mizrahi cotton tee for QVC.
Necklace: J.Crew Factory from last year.  Similar: Crystal Sunburst Necklace. 
Shoes: Old Keds. 
Handbag: Isaac Mizrahi from Marshalls, about two years ago.


  1. No worries! You look sporty and on trend! Ahhhhh... Ann B Davis. Love her. Didn't she just pass away?

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, Ann B Davis passed away recently and I had planned on doing this post a few months back. As a kid I didn't appreciate her acting but she was really good. We have been watching old episodes of the Brady Bunch as a family and it's fun to see her comedic timing.
      Have a great day,



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