Monday, June 9, 2014

Lazy Blogging

Lately I have witnessed some fun photo opportunities but have been too lazy to rush over for a quick picture.  Instead of me posed in front of this Book Fair sign, for example, I could have been posing with Clifford the Big Red Dog.  Someone in the costume was walking around the night of the school Open House, and I hesitated because I just really had had enough of the over stimulation of so many parents and kids mulling about.      

The other character we saw recently after shopping at the Farmer's Market was Spider-Man.  We assumed that a kid was having a Spider-Man themed party at the park and that explained the super hero hiking in that direction.  Both times I exclaimed, "Oh, I should get a picture for my blog!"  Only to stop quickly with the feeling that, I really don't want to ask for a picture and then explain that, "I have a mom fashion blog and is it OK if I post your picture on it?"     

I certainly don't want blogging to become so much a part of my life that, every event or outing becomes a photo opportunity.  I think that good blogging does require a good amount of hustling and stick-to-itiveness and also at times, the honesty to be able to mention the lack of motivation to always have a perfect blog.  The reality is, some days you just don't feel like chasing down Clifford or Spider-Man.          

So, having a picture in front of a Book Fair sign is OK and part of my reality as an elementary school mom.  And to add some fashion touches is a J.Crew Factory pencil skirt and Anthropologie necklace I purchased earlier in the year.
The second picture of me is basically an excuse to show off Coraline the kitty.  The long sleeved top with this skirt looked too frumpy and didn't work as well. 

Necklace: Anthropologie Garden Vignette purchased in January of this year.
Skirt: J.Crew Factory pencil floral skirt.
Shirt: Old Victoria's Secret.
Shoes: Lands End Gatas Canvas Slip On. 


  1. I hear ya, Stacey! I am always missing photo opps and then I call myself a lazy blogger too. For example, We drove up to Santa Cruz this weekend for a wedding and passed by your giant artichoke. I got so excited and started yelling - Hey that's the artichoke Stacey just took a picture in front of! But did I stop and take a photo? Nope. I just wanted to get where we were going. The good thing about blogging is that we can be whatever kind of blogger we want to be! So - yay for us!
    You look fabulous in pink!!!!

    1. I have to laugh. I have not wanted to put it out there where I live, but you were in my neck of the woods this weekend. There are many beautiful places to have weddings here. My wedding was held at the Hollins House ages ago which has a great view of the Monterey Bay.
      I really wish you would have stopped at the big artichoke. That would have been fun to see another blogger with that as a backdrop. You can get one next time and don't forget to buy their artichoke hearts.
      Have a great day,

  2. I think it is good to sometimes just enjoy life and not worry about documenting every little detail. Too often we miss reality or the thrill of the moment because we are looking at it through a view finder or screen. Just hearing the story about Spiderman was fun : )

    Loving all the pink.


    1. I agree with you on the idea that we should enjoy the moment. That's one of the reasons I have not been good about taking pictures. I hate the interruption of stopping what we are doing to pose for pictures, no matter what the occasion.
      But I do think I should have caught up with Spider-Man!
      Have a great Friday,



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