Monday, July 28, 2014

Vintage Blouse Find

I found this vintage blouse in an antique store a while back and I was impressed with the condition of it.  I happened to be looking at merchandise in a section of the store the same time the owner was there and she offered to sell it to me for $18.  That was an offer I couldn't refuse.      

The embroidery is gorgeous and I especially love the Daffodil.  I was curious to know the age of the blouse and an online search led me to a website, vintage fashion  From what I have read, the blouse may fall into the 70's-80's time frame.             
I have this paired with a pair of dark wash Vera Wang from Kohls jeans and old J.Crew pointed toe flats.  Blouses are tricky because they can look too dressy, so I usually like the idea of a more faded jean in this case.  On a dressier occasion, a wool pencil skirt, especially a fun color from J.Crew would look nice around the Holidays.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Picked Plaid for Bigfoot

Sometimes in life when things get too hectic, it's nice to have a break and check out some interesting things you would not normally do.  The Bigfoot museum provided a nice summer escape after a whirlwind of obligations.   It's small and cramped but oh so cute.   

If you are a child of the 70's, Bigfoot came into your life through mass media in one way or another.  Pardon the 70's Blondie pun.
It was time for this Anthropologie skirt from 2011 to come out from hiding, unlike Bigfoot who remains hidden at all times.
Skirt: Anthropologie Picked Plaid by Odille. Old.
Shirt: Anthropologie Gathering Tank by Deletta. Old.

Necklace: Anthropologie Aerides by Nakamol.
Shoes: Bronx   

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bringing out the Archival Pencil

 My Pencil pencil skirt has been getting a great workout lately.  I finally got around to wearing this after it sat in my closet and of course I'm now thinking, "what took so long?" I am finding that some of my pieces from the Anthropologie Archival Collection from last year, tend to be my favorites.              
The skirt is so comfortable, I wore it for two of my daughter's plays.  One time with a sparkly Forever 21 necklace and the other time I wore the ModCloth globe for a more academic look.    
I originally had worn an aqua shirt with the globe necklace and the pictures were not to my liking so on a warm Sunday I decided to get dressed up for a redo. The skirt was comfortable enough to wear all day in the heat and for a little nature hike I switched into walking shoes and removed the necklace. 
I'm ready for another Archival collection.

Skirt: Anthropologie Archival Collection Pencil skirt.
Shirt:  Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.
Necklace: Forever 21 Faux Gem Collar
Necklace: ModCloth Sense of Self Earth.
Shoes: Talbots old leather espadrilles.
Handbag:  Vintage Theodor in navy.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Theater Moms vs. Sports Moms

 For the longest time I have been relieved that my eight year old loves art and performing in plays instead of being on sports teams.  While all of her best friends are playing softball in the heat and dealing with a game every weekend, my kid is rehearsing for a play on her school campus.  Our weekends are free, I don't have to schlep her to a ball field, I'm not responsible for bringing snacks on a given day, etc.   Well, I think I got a little cocky and spoke too soon.
Ever since school ended, my daughter has been in a summer theater workshop.  I will start by saying what a positive learning experience it has been for all of the children.
 However, summer theater will sometimes feel like your kid is on a sports team.
* It is every morning, so you may have to deal with a cranky kid when you wake them up early as if it was a regular school day.
* Although the actual performances are held for only two weekends, they are whole weekends; beginning Thursday nights and ending on Sunday afternoons.

* You will find yourself in the heat one day, just like the sports parents.  It starts with standing outside in a line for about an hour because you want to pick a decent seat.  You then proceed into the warm theater where you will be seated on hard plastic chairs for two and a half hours.  Luckily, my husband and I came prepared with ice packs and water.       
* Just as I'm sure sports parents sit with fingers crossed in hopes that their kid has a successful game, I find myself observing my daughter perhaps too much.  Is she smiling enough while singing? Could she have said that line better? etc.
I sound like a stage mother, so it's time to relax and remind myself that she is a kid.
The goal is for the kids to learn, stay active and have some fun.
So I will now think twice before I brag to a sports parent how relieved I am that I am a theater parent.

Shirt:  Gap cat print from last year.
Skirt: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC. Old.
Belt: Anne Klein vintage from Goodwill.
Shoes: Payless flats.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fashion Maintenance

I have decided to think long and hard before having clothing altered at the tailors and now, I'm going to have to think twice before having my shoes repaired.
I recently completed my shoe organization project and ended up donating a lot of old shoes.  This opened up a lot of room to organize the way I had planned.  Just like my flats, all heels are organized by color.  It does not matter the style, the pink mary jane heels will be found with the pink spike heels as an example and the pink flat espadrilles will be next to the pink ballerinas.                        
During the clean out I came upon two pairs of shoes that needed new shoe taps and this week I decided to complete the task so they would be ready for their next outing.  They ended up costing $30 for both.  The black pair are Nine West and a keeper but I question if it was worth $15 for the pink ones by N.Y.L.A. They have a little kitten heel and a unique style about them, but they are certainly not my favorites.  I could have held these back when the cobbler quoted the price, but I obviously did not think it through.  So, I'm thinking about pairing these with 50's style circle skirts.  I have to get my money's worth out of them now.          

Because I needed an outfit photo, I grabbed this picture from a month ago.   The elephant shirt is from last year and it is an example of when Jaclyn Smith for Kmart gets it right.  Last year's Spring Summer line was better than this years, I'm not sure why.  I adore Jaclyn Smith so I want to cheer her on with her clothing line she has had since 1985.            

Shirt: Jaclyn Smith for Kmart elephant from spring/summer 2013.
Skirt: Cabi denim from Goodwill.
Belt: Target gold/canvas from last year.
Shoes: Talbots leather espadrilles about 4 years old.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

 I love this old Forever 21 skirt with Roosters.  It's so retro and the colors make it perfect for July 4th.  For hiking down to the town parade, I opted for the more comfortable Lands End shoes seen below.         
I could not resist having my picture taken with this little cute dog at the parade.  I asked permission and informed the gentleman that I have a fashion blog.  I still get embarrassed by this and all I can think is that I still don't have a clear goal for this blog.  I'm far from Rachel Zoe, but I am a mom who loves fashionable things and at the same time, deals with real life situations.  Like needing a new septic tank last year.             
I'm close to getting a logo for my blog.  As long as my daughter loves art and continues with art classes, she may be the one I go to in the future.  I like the idea of showing different caricatures of oneself for different topics.  One blog that I enjoy that has this setup is "The Glamorous Housewife." I recommend that you check out her blog for all of the fun pictures and advice she gives.
Shirt:  Ann Taylor from the outlets last year.
Skirt: Forever 21. Old.
Shoes: Red Browsabouts from Ross old.
Shoes: Lands End Gatas. 


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