Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fashion Maintenance

I have decided to think long and hard before having clothing altered at the tailors and now, I'm going to have to think twice before having my shoes repaired.
I recently completed my shoe organization project and ended up donating a lot of old shoes.  This opened up a lot of room to organize the way I had planned.  Just like my flats, all heels are organized by color.  It does not matter the style, the pink mary jane heels will be found with the pink spike heels as an example and the pink flat espadrilles will be next to the pink ballerinas.                        
During the clean out I came upon two pairs of shoes that needed new shoe taps and this week I decided to complete the task so they would be ready for their next outing.  They ended up costing $30 for both.  The black pair are Nine West and a keeper but I question if it was worth $15 for the pink ones by N.Y.L.A. They have a little kitten heel and a unique style about them, but they are certainly not my favorites.  I could have held these back when the cobbler quoted the price, but I obviously did not think it through.  So, I'm thinking about pairing these with 50's style circle skirts.  I have to get my money's worth out of them now.          

Because I needed an outfit photo, I grabbed this picture from a month ago.   The elephant shirt is from last year and it is an example of when Jaclyn Smith for Kmart gets it right.  Last year's Spring Summer line was better than this years, I'm not sure why.  I adore Jaclyn Smith so I want to cheer her on with her clothing line she has had since 1985.            

Shirt: Jaclyn Smith for Kmart elephant from spring/summer 2013.
Skirt: Cabi denim from Goodwill.
Belt: Target gold/canvas from last year.
Shoes: Talbots leather espadrilles about 4 years old.

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