Monday, July 28, 2014

Vintage Blouse Find

I found this vintage blouse in an antique store a while back and I was impressed with the condition of it.  I happened to be looking at merchandise in a section of the store the same time the owner was there and she offered to sell it to me for $18.  That was an offer I couldn't refuse.      

The embroidery is gorgeous and I especially love the Daffodil.  I was curious to know the age of the blouse and an online search led me to a website, vintage fashion  From what I have read, the blouse may fall into the 70's-80's time frame.             
I have this paired with a pair of dark wash Vera Wang from Kohls jeans and old J.Crew pointed toe flats.  Blouses are tricky because they can look too dressy, so I usually like the idea of a more faded jean in this case.  On a dressier occasion, a wool pencil skirt, especially a fun color from J.Crew would look nice around the Holidays.


  1. Oh that IS a gorgeous blouse! What a score! I really like how you styled it with jeans and pointy toes. Love pointy toe shoes! You look classic but modern!

  2. Thank you Cynthia,
    It was nice that I happened to be in the booth or section the same time the owner of that particular section was there. I want to try it out with more worn in jeans.
    Have a great day,

  3. I think you definitely scored! I love this top on you. I cannot wait to see you style it with a skirt. I bet it will be lovely. That detail is phenomenol.


    1. Thank you Jenni,
      I was amazed at the condition of the blouse. Usually whites and creams do not hold up well and end up stained.
      Thanks for stopping by,



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